This was a terrible game. This is just pissing me off the way our whole team is playing. I mean a couple of players have been playing well, like kelly cambell as of today and Culpepper who should have had a much better game today against the raiders. He throaws for 396 yeards and we still lose. We ran the ball a total of what 25 times? What is going on with bennett. Iam noticing the lapse of explosive plays. Moss had 25 yeards. They need to throw it up even if he is going up against guys like charles woodson. No one can jump with him. The defense need everything. They need to sub out a linebacker and put in another one with more speed, its way too easy for opposing runningbacks to explode through the middle. The backs need to be way more aggressive with the WR's and the safeties as well. We need to go back to a 3-4 type defense and back to the beginning of the year, where we got a lot more big plays on defense and we were more agressive on both sides of the ball. If we keep this up we may not even get into the playoffs.