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    Quote Originally Posted by Lippythelion69 View Post
    I think Bortles has the most upside down the line. Sit back learn the first year.
    See how it plays out
    eh, his college coach says he is not a franchise QB... thats enough for me to say screw him.. if his own college coach says he isnt a franchise qb then he isnt a franchise qb end of story

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    we will not trade up trade up we have to give up to much...need to address qb free agency or make a trade ryan mallet mike vick only two i see ...

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    Expensive yes, but if he ends up being a top 10 QB, totally worth it. Yes Seattle did it with D but that level takes time, at least 2 or 3 drafts IF we get it right. Nothing improves results more quickly or reliably than improved QB play and we have A LOT of room for improvement. You know what the Packers are without Rogers? The Vikings. If they feel really good about one, go get him. Hell, if Norv likes Mallet, give NE the #8 for him if you have to. Seems crazy at first but is it really?

    Any course of action is a risk. Drafting a project, who may or may not pan out, and getting average (at best) QB play while waiting for him makes no sense to me. Adrian Peterson might be one of the top 3 RB's of all time. He'll be 29 next season. Spielman needs to take advantage of his new staff and ask Norv "Of all the QB's we can get, who gives us the best chance NOW?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by PInfante97 View Post
    here is how it happens

    1. Texans - Jadeveon Clowney DE
    2. Rams - Greg Robinson OT
    3. Jags - Blake Bortles QB - who i dont want at all. he wasnt even close to manziel, bridgwater, carr, and others in college. why would he be in the pros? god i hate bortles...
    4. Browns - Johnny Manziel QB
    5. Raiders - Sammy Watkins WR
    6. Falcons - Jake Matthews OT
    7. Buccs - eh screw it never mind we suck we aint landing Tedd. we suck
    8. Vikings - someone shitty

    dammit!! -we need to trade up for Teddy!!!! or Manziel but we arent that lucky...
    That's actually possible...Bucs could go with Khalil Mack here, leaving TB to the Vikings. I could deal with that.

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    I wonder when this was last updated, but it would seem a possibility...Teddy falls to the Vikes!

    And, if we don't resign JA nor EG, DE would easily move up to need 1b. And then the rest of the draft looks good too, with a good CB prospect followed by a Huge NT and then a couple of Safeties and another CB. Yup, we need to spend most of our picks fixing the Defense!

    Here's two for Carr, and two for Mack/Barr OLB...

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    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

    "Balance it on end and thats the third side of the coin!!" -wookiefoot

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