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    the TEAM TICE built

    By the way LOS thanks for thinking outside the post. That was an interesting find about the 2 guys in charge of scouting and personel. It adds to the Tice Era.

    The 2 guys:
    Scott Studwell is Director of College Scouting

    And that Brzinski guy is a VP of Operations.

    "vikesfan" wrote:
    One thing that I really give Tice credit for his the way he got this team to play together. We still had a lot of talent when Green left, but we finished that season 5-11. Our defense wasn't good, and we had some injuries, but we were a better team than that. I think Tice took a talented group of individual players and really taught them to gel together and play as a team.

    I really hope Red resigns him, and for a lot more money. For a coach who had zero experience and has been learning on the job, he has done great. We have improved each year since he's been here. Also, and maybe more importantly, the players love him. They want to win for him and they look like they're having fun every Sunday. You don't always see that in the NFL.
    The one thing that we need to think about here with the players that Green left. They have matured into great players. DC especially. The last two years were a transformation right before our eyes.

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    the TEAM TICE built

    I think it's important that I admit that I am indeed fairly lame... sorry.
    NMA --

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