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    Re: *Team Highlights*

    Does anyone know when they are going to show the vikings highlights or our nfl yearbook on espn or espn2 like they do each year. This if for all the people who dont have the nfl network.

    I checked the espn calendar but didnt find any showings of the yearbooks of each team.
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    Re: *Team Highlights*

    I just saw the NFL Networks Vikes Team Highlights (aired again 7/14/05), followed by the Packers, then the Vikes / Pack Playoff game

    In reviewing the same playoff game (for both teams sides and perspectives) the Pack anouncers were irate and off the wall saying about Moss and his so called "push off" in the end zone. Man if that was a push then 90% off the defensive plays in the e-zone are penalties. Trying to see the other side I can only determine that the Pack annoucers were "Green" with envy.

    Other than that beef or discrepency, I liked the clips especially the Viking lockeroom stuff. cool! Hey, I like Mike Tice and I'm not afraid to say so.
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    Re: *Team Highlights*

    i liked the begiining when they showed all the fros and played that song

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    Re: *Team Highlights*

    "briboy75" wrote:
    "so-cal vike" wrote:
    I don't see how you can't come away from that feeling pumped. It stressed youth, depth, and Daunte.

    I know I'm feeling pumped about the Vikes now.

    we had depth last year??? not on defense.
    Right, the depth was strictly offensive, but in the wake of the Moss trade, you can see how easily the gap will be filled. We'll still have an offensive powerhouse.

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