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    Re: Taylor's fumbles aren't seen as sign

    He appears to be doing just fine, and from what I hear this weeks fumble was complete BS. But, he still needs to work on holding the ball even after he is down by contact..

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    Re: Taylor's fumbles aren't seen as sign

    "nflvikings4455" wrote:
    Every week when i turn on the vikings game, all i hear is how Chester is getting worn out with all of his carries. If he was getting worn down wouldn't his numbers be getting worn out??
    I think the same thing. But at the same time I'm a bit surprised, as I have been all year, that we don't shuffle it up a bit more with a dose of Double-M.

    Many teams in the NFL has more than one back. There should be no reason for giving Chester all the carries. It can also give a competitive advantage that the defense has to adjust to a diffrent style of runner.

    Edit: As for the fumble I will not come down on him to hard for that one. I think he were down by contact, but it were not possible to overturn it due to bad pictures of when the ball went out. It just happened to come at a really bad time, and became more important than it could have been, as it were returned all the way.

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