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    Taylor waiting in the wings if Fowler's deal heads south

    Posted on Fri, Mar. 04, 2005
    Taylor waiting in the wings

    If Reggie Fowler's deal to purchase the Vikings isn't approved, and there is a re-bidding process for the NFL team, Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor said he expects he would bid again.

    "I've talked to my partners, and they all said they're still interested," Taylor said.

    As for his struggling Timberwolves, Taylor said he's still disappointed in them.

    "But hopefully, we've saved our best for the end and we'll play well in the playoffs," he said.

    • Taylor said he hasn't even thought about who will coach his team next season. As for chances of current coach Kevin McHale remaining as coach, Taylor said, "We only talked about him finishing out this year."

    • Twins players might not be as eager to give away their complimentary game tickets this season. Each player receives six complimentary prime seating tickets per game for family and friends. But this year, because of a new Internal Revenue Service regulation, those tickets are considered income, so they will be taxed.

    By not accepting the complimentary tickets, players could save about $100 a game. Conversely, giving them out could cost players nearly $100 a game. Over a 162-game season, tax on a full allotment of complimentary tickets could cost players about $15,000 each.

    • Why the Gophers' Dan Monson should be the Big Ten Conference men's basketball coach of the year: Minnesota, projected to finish among the bottom three teams before the season, exceeded expectations by a half-dozen victories. Illinois' Bruce Weber, whose team was picked to finish first, exceeded expectations by maybe three victories.

    • First-year Gophers men's basketball assistant Jim Molinari is expected to receive several head coaching opportunities after the season but said all he's considering now is how Minnesota can advance to the NCAA tournament.

    • The top two players in the Minnesota boys high school hockey tournament, according to NHL scouts, are defensemen Brian Lee of Moorhead and Matt Niskanen of Virginia/Mountain Iron-Buhl. Lee, 6 feet 3, 205 pounds, has committed to North Dakota. Niskanen, 6-0, 194, is headed to Minnesota-Duluth.

    • The latest word is that Joe Mauer will sign with the Twins for $325,000, just $9,000 over the major league minimum salary, while teammates Lew Ford and Justin Morneau will sign for $335,000 and $330,000, respectively.

    • Pitcher to watch: Right-handed pitcher Scott Tyler, who was the Twins' second-round pick after Mauer in the 2001 draft and has a big-time fastball.

    • The Gophers probably will end up playing Indiana in the first game of the Big Ten men's basketball tournament next Friday in Chicago, with the winner having to play undefeated No. 1 Illinois.

    • Vikings coach Mike Tice plans to continue his KSTP-TV Sunday night show if Rod Simons is the host. Tice has an option-out contract clause, but KSTP staffer Simons is expected to succeed Joe Schmit, who has left sports to become a news co-anchor at the station.

    • Departed Timberwolves coach Flip Saunders is expected to be reassigned to scouting for the team soon. He has a contract, worth about $8 million, through next season.

    • People in the know say the Boston investment firm that is offering more than $3 billion to buy the NHL's 30 teams is legitimate but that it's unlikely a deal will be made.

    • The recent purchase of the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers for $375 million would seem to mean the Timberwolves, who were bought for $88 million 10 years ago, would be worth at least as much. Taylor already has paid in full for the Wolves.

    • Denny Nelson of St. Paul will judge Saturday's International Boxing Federation middleweight title fight between Jeff Lacy and Rubin Williams at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

    • Western Collegiate Hockey Association alums Brett Hull (Minnesota-Duluth), Jordan Leopold (Minnesota), and Tony Granato and Mike Richter (Wisconsin) are expected to attend the WCHA Final Five tournament March 17-19 at Xcel Energy Center. Richter is attending Yale University to complete a degree he began at Wisconsin in 1985 and plans to major in political and economic theory.

    • Plans are under way for a local franchise in what will be called "Real Pro Wrestling," with an initial match probably to be aired on PAX-TV late this month. The local team will be called the Minnesota Freeze and include former Gophers Brandon Eggum, Garrett Lowney, Ryan Lewis and Jared Lawrence.

    • The Oakland A's consider former Gophers infielder Luke Appert among their promising minor league prospects.

    • Former Gophers linebacker Jim Fahnhorst, 46, a local financial planner who spent seven seasons in the NFL, is considering a football coaching career.

    • The Gophers baseball team, which set school records in fielding the past two years, made just two errors in 110 chances despite three losses at Arkansas last weekend.

    • Vikings buyer Reggie Fowler owns Spiral Inc., which was to begin a trial Monday in St. Croix County (Wis.) in defense of a $200,000 civil lawsuit by a cheese company in Wilson, Wis. The trial was canceled because of a settlement in the case this week.

    Fowler's Delicom Foods firm had been sued in 2001 for alleged non-payment of $79,000 worth of cheese. An owner of the cheese factory wouldn't comment Thursday, and Fowler, as usual, wasn't available for comment. Fowler is scheduled to go before the NFL finance committee Wednesday.

    • A little birdie says Fowler's agreement to buy the Vikings is for $600 million, not the $625 million that has been widely reported.

    • Red McCombs' woefully timed revelation Thursday that he considered firing coach Mike Tice last season in order to rejuvenate juvenile wide receiver Randy Moss shows how classless the Vikings' owner is.

    • McCombs, on his wheeling-dealing nature: "I've been trading since I was 10 years old. My whole life has been trading."

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    Taylor waiting in the wings if Fowler's deal heads south

    If Taylor was serious about buying he would've done it already.

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    Taylor waiting in the wings if Fowler's deal heads south

    I have mixed feelings on the Taylor-Fowler situation. I would prefer taylor due to deeper pockets and a legitimate Minnesota connection, but anything is better than Red.

    Perhaps we should revive the old Anti-Commie slogans..



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    Taylor waiting in the wings if Fowler's deal heads south

    lmao i just cant get over the jose cortez design...u see like CULPEPPER AND MOSS! KELLY CAMP!! PAT WILLIAMS ....then...JOSE CORTEZ !! lol i love it

    Theres NOTHING greater then a Florida Gator!
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    Taylor waiting in the wings if Fowler's deal heads south

    taylor is serious, just once mcbombs entered exclusive negotiations with fowler taylor techniquely couldn't bid even though he did try to submit a written bid, and now mcbombs agreed to sell to fowler he can't do anything until or if the sale falls through.

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    Taylor waiting in the wings if Fowler's deal heads south

    When do the owners meet on this?

    I cannot wait to get this behind us!

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    Taylor waiting in the wings if Fowler's deal heads south

    Cortez is a stud. Great guy too BTW

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    Taylor waiting in the wings if Fowler's deal heads south

    Taylor's not serious, or he would own the team. He has NEVER made a serious offer for the Vikes ownership. Including when Red bought. Taylor offered less than red and didn't want to pony up an more. That was when the team was a 1/3 of the price.

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    Taylor waiting in the wings if Fowler's deal heads south

    That kind of sucks! I wish Taylor would just pony up the dough! He will make a killing off of the Vikes (even though I don't think that is his number one reason for owning a franchise) and he would be loved even more by the fans! I just wish he would go after the vikes with an all out effort if the sale to Fowler doesn't go through!!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Taylor waiting in the wings if Fowler's deal heads south

    i thought taylor wouldn't buy the team unless a stadium came with it.

    he offered like half or something of it and then when red got the legislature to pony up for a stadium he would give the rest of it.

    i think that was always the hiccup in taylors bid for the team
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