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    Re:Tarvaris wants to stay in Minnesota

    Good News to me! Of course, we'll see if it actually happens...

    Seriously? Back to the hate already? The OL is better, the WRs are better, the RBs are better, Shank is better, and all of them would be better with, or without Favre. Sure, Favre sped up some of the learning curves dramatically, but fact remains, Rice was ready for a coming out party and this is his first full year of being healthy, Harvin blows the doors off of Wade and Shank has gotten better every year after a rough start!

    Jackson was tossed into the fire early after coming out of a small program and for the first two years his best receiving option was either Bobby Wade or Chester Taylor!!

    When it comes to the draft...IDK about another QB in the first 3, but I do kinda like the idea of DT and/or CB in the first couple of rounds. Depth and rotation and eventual Pat replacement, and nickelback improvement...? Can you imagine how good this D could be with 1 shutdown cover corner added to the mix!?!??
    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

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    Re:Tarvaris wants to stay in Minnesota

    I don't understand! What makes a player a good backup but not a starter?

    By definition if a player can come off the bench and play well as a backup then what stops him playing well as a starter.

    I can feel the rolling eyes from my American compatriots!!!
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    Re:Tarvaris wants to stay in Minnesota

    TJ has struggled at times we all know that. But he reminds me of "Slash". It seems he could be used in so many ways. He is one of the best "Athletes" on the squad. If Bret comes back and TJ has listened to what he has shared on the sidelines with him and Sage, well he can only be a better player. Key is can he use that veteran knowledge to change his game vision?
    Only playing in games will show that. I have said before, I think TJ could play slot WR. But that is just a "feeling" on my part.


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    Re:Tarvaris wants to stay in Minnesota

    Marrdro wrote:
    soonerbornNbred wrote:
    Look at this team

    J.Allen...Money...Absolutely start on any team in the League
    A.Peterson...Money..Absolutely start on any team in the League
    P.Harvin...Money... Absolutely start on any team in the League
    S.Rice...Money... Absolutely start on any team in the League
    P.Williams...Money...Absolutely start on any team in the League
    K.Williams...Money...Absolutely start on any team in the League
    B.Favre...Money... Absolutely start on any team in the League
    V. Shiancoe...Money...Absolutely start on any team in the League

    TJ does not fit this pattern
    Very good points my friend, but I do have one quick question........

    What was your opinion of Rice and Shanc last year or the year before or the year before that? Lets go one step deeper, how about the noodle pre-2008 or pre-2007?

    Truth of the matter is, we are making our assesment of TJ based on starts he made when obviously he nor the team was ready for him to start. This team is a different team from those. It is more mature, better at its skilled positions across the board as almost every player (even your beloved AD ) has gotten better over the last 3 or 4 years.

    Does TJ have issues? Absolutely, but isn't that to be expected? Take a look across the Jets offensive line and look at what Sanchez has done this year. My guess is almost everyone of you would be ready to throw him under the bus if he wasn't a "Much Luaded" "Franchise" QB coming out of USC.

    In the end, we the fans don't have the patience to wait on many players, especially QB's, to grow into those "NFL Ready" players we all crave and because we were forced to watch him play before he was ready (and the team was ready) our opinions might just be a bit skewed.
    You make a good point as to why he is not an effective qb to date, but it is pure speculation to say that he will be better just because he has sat back and learned more. Even if it is a rational argument, I personally would not want to count on him all of a sudden 'getting it' and being the leader we need behind center. He may end up being the best option when Favre goes and if so, I will wish him well, but I won't be expecting anything spectacular from this kid, based on what I've seen to date.

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