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    Re: Tarvaris Jackson: "It's not time to panic"

    Quote Originally Posted by "El Vikingo" #1084192
    I been a TJ hater since day one but somehow I feel bad for the kid nowadays,it must the X-Mas spiriti or something I donīt know
    Me too. I've never hated the guy but I hate his play and the fact that he's on our team. He's done everything right from an attitude perspective, but he just sucks.
    I am NOT here to provide good football insight or rational observations. I am an emotional 19 year old Viking fan and I expect you to adjust your expectations from my posts.

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    Re: Tarvaris Jackson: "It's not time to panic"

    Quote Originally Posted by "Purple Mk1" #1084187
    Quote Originally Posted by "jargomcfargo" #1084178
    Quote Originally Posted by "VikingMike" #1084175
    Guess it's time for TJack to panic. Looks like his stay in MN is over.

    Adam Schefter Twitter: "Vikings QB Tarvaris Jackson goes on IR, not Brett Favre. Season over. Joe Webb looking like Monday night starter for Vikings."
    Well, potential ironman threat, Tarvaris Jackson, goes down fighting once again.
    His routine of getting injured shortly after getting some playing time, has kept him in the NFL for a full 5 years and has made him a millionare.

    Since he has never played long enough to realize his full potential, he's hoping to catch on with another team and parlay this back up gig into another 5 years before his scam is discovered.

    Since his likely return to te Vikings is in doubt, PP.O posters will be launching themselves out of skyscraper windows, mourning the loss of the endless debate; TJ is better than _______. You fill in the blank.

    That's hilarious! :laugh: I'll play - Joe Montana.

    Here's why: he's younger (Joe is 54 - TWICE TJack's age), he's more mobile (Joe doesn't get around as well as he used to), has a stronger arm, shows complete focus on only 1 receiver in passing situations, and has that awesome jump pass. Of course he can't read an NFL defense and makes terrible choices with the ball, and sure, Montana won the Superbowl in his 1st full season as a starter, but TJack just needs a little more time. I'm sure we'd all agree that he just hasn't been given enough opportunities in his 5 years in the NFL to show how much better than Montana he really is. :laugh:

    I know this sounds ridiculous - its about as ridiculous as saying he is a better QB than Favre, but there are a lot of people here that have been saying that for some time. :whistle:

    On second thought, if they are just going to sign guys off the street to start versus the Bears at their 50th anniversary celebration game, I wonder if Montana is available.
    well he has been working out with those Sketchers shoe commercials! He can throw a bomb!

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    Re: Tarvaris Jackson: "It's not time to panic"

    Quote Originally Posted by "Marrdro" #1071910
    Mr Anderson wrote:
    NodakPaul wrote:
    idahovikefan7 wrote:
    Awesome! just hope he's not referring to himself as one of the proven "leader/winners".....
    It is a fairly mature blog. If TJack shows this kind of confidence in the locker room and huddle, then he could very well be evolving into a leader.
    For sure.

    I'm impressed by him, I always have been impressed by his behavior and composure off the field. The way he's handled the whole Favre situation, the way he handled being benched in 07/08. Hopefully his football mind has caught up with his personality.

    He has the physical tools, the attitude, now all he needs is the complete mental grasp and composure and we're looking at a hell of a player.

    Like I said, I hope those things have caught up, cause Favre is looking pretty beat up.

    And to be on topic: He's right. We shouldn't panic. The team shouldn't panic. It's not unrealistic to win 2 of our next 4, 3 of our next 5. That makes us 5-5 at week 10.
    I know some on here don't believe it, however, I believe we have a real NFL organization that is pretty good about getting and putting quality players on the field.

    Going on the premise that they are a real NFL organization and can really judge talent, they have kept TJ around for a reason.

    For me, its because he is ready.

    Did he struggle early in his career? Sure, but hell, look around the league, all of them do. Its the nature of the game.

    My guess, we will see ole TJ for a rep or two (actually predicting 5) against the Cowgirls this weekend.


    You really were really hitting on all cylinders with those astute observations. It really sucks when your words come back and bite you in the arse lol

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