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    Re: Is Tarvaris Jackson the Best QB in the NFC North?

    "kevoncox" wrote:
    "VikingsTw" wrote:
    I think first off its very difficult to compare players by there numbers, especailly in this case where your talking veteran to a rookie. Also the system thats run and the players next to each other.

    As far as Tarvaris is concerned I wouldn't trade him for many QB's in the NFL, certainly not any in our division. I think ability wise the sky is the limit but the things I like most about Tarvaris is his work ethic, humbleness, and even keel. I watch alot of these young QB's and they sweat, show emotion or panick. Childress was correct when he said Tarvaris was "wired right" and I expect big things if he can maintain his health. He's still a young guy like many on our roster but the main thing is that we see progress. The first thing I want to see is a stellar performance on Monday Night. National Televised Games and Injuries have been his biggest concerns and he's got an opportunity right away to silence the critics.

    Overall I thought it was a very good article but to be honest I want to see Hutchison step it up a bit, especailly in pass protection. Everyone on the line has some work to do, especailly now that McKinnie was granted his suspension. Artis Hicks has a long road ahead but better this year than last.
    I would trade him for any on the list below out of 31 QBs.

    Tom Brady
    Ben Roethlisberger

    David Garrard
    Peyton Manning
    Tony Romo
    Brett Favre
    Matt Hasselbeck
    Donovan McNabb
    Kurt Warner
    Drew Brees
    Jay Cutler
    Carson Palmer
    Chad Pennington
    Derek Anderson( hate this guy, he's
    so overrated)
    Marc Bulger
    I feel like the ones that are highlighted would be possibilities, but in the real world these senarios mean squat. I think its also important to understand where I believe Tarvaris's carear is headed. He's still a young kid with only one full season under his belt, his athletic ability is near the top of the leauge at his position and like I've said the sky is the limit. I'm looking toward the future and I like where my integrations have Tarvaris. His development is far from over and I think this is where you make your biggest mistake. Several of the guys above have been in this league for several years with there opportunity to fully develop. If we were to give up on Tarvaris tomorrow we would be missing out on the Quarterback he's meant to be.

    Overall I think I'm a bit more exited about Tarvaris than some Minny fans, I think he's a true weapon for our offense and once things are developed so to speak he's gonna be hard to defend. We run a very QB friendly offense with lots of options, as hard he works and with the Talent we are developing around him its hard to imagine him failing.

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    Re: Is Tarvaris Jackson the Best QB in the NFC North?

    Kitna is a better quarterback than Jackson right now.
    He's more durable and understands the game better.
    He's been crapped on crap teams his whole career and has done well with them.
    If he had played for the Vikes last year, he'd have done a lot better.
    I like Kitna, he's a tough ball player who has made the absolute most out of his body and talent, and has just had bad luck playing for crap teams.

    I think Jackson has a much higher ceiling, though, and will be a very good quarterback.

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