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    Re: Talks begin with Burleson??

    "snowinapril" wrote:
    "tastywaves" wrote:
    I hear ya, thats kind of why I think we sign him now. We know he is a solid receiver, if he throws up great numbers the rest of the year, he may be hard to resign at the same price we can get now. On the other hand, if he puts up terrible stats he could lower his market value, but I think he holds the same value to the Vikings org.

    If Nate wants to roll the dice, and see how he finishes the year, fine, I'm okay with waiting. If he is ready to sign a sensible deal now, sign him up. I don't think Nate has that much leverage at this point (he had more before the year started).

    Bottom line is I won't be super disappointed if he leaves, but I would like to see him stay.
    I think he is solid, but the problem with paying him is we don't know if he is a no. 1 WR or a no. 2 WR. I was hoping that would have sorted out by this time of the season, but we haven't played well on O at all.

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    Agreed, if he accepts a pay package as a 1 1/2 to 2 spot guy then cool sign him. If he's demanding a no. 1 receiver pay, I would think twice about it.

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    Re: Talks begin with Burleson??

    Agree. I wouldn't cough up the coin for a #1 yet, he is replacable. WRs the perform decently are a dime a dozen. I'm not convinced that Burly is worth the big coin, it looks like they made him a reasonable offer. If I was him I would tear up the field the remainder of the season and then bring the issue back up around week 17.

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    Re: Talks begin with Burleson??

    I'd like to see us keep him, which means sign him ASAP! They're exactly right, someone would front load the contract and screw our ability to sign out of free agency for the next few years.

    I hope we do keep him because of all the guys we have he's our most solid and reliable. Robinson is getting older, Travis Taylor is still a bit of an anomoly because with the way Culpepper has been playing it's been hard to get a grip on how much talent he actually has, Williamson is still young so no one knows how far he'll develop, and no one really knows if Koren will get any better than he is now. Burleson is a sure thing, and I don't want to see us gamble on some unproven talent.

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    Re: Talks begin with Burleson??

    i say we sign him, i wouldn't want to have to match some other teams big contract, make our deal with him before the season ends so we pay what we would want to pay

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    Re: Talks begin with Burleson??

    He is extremely young and is much better than any WR we would get in the draft.

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    Re: Talks begin with Burleson??

    If, and that's a big "if", someone would give up a 1st and a 3rd round pick for him, I'd let him go in a heartbeat (that's almost better than what we got for Moss). We already have 3 WR that are outperforming him this year(although due to injury)...Travis Taylor, Marcus Robinson, and Troy Williamson. If Koren Robingson had signed on sooner, he'd be putting up bigger numbers as well.

    Also, I'm not saying to let Nate go and draft a WR, we have bigger problems on this team. I believe we need a dominant RB. MM good, but not great. Lineman and Safety are also areas of concern.

    Ultimatly, I don't think that any team(at this point), would even give up a 1st and a 3rd for him.

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    Re: Talks begin with Burleson??

    there is a while between the end of the season and the beginning of free agency for a contract to be worked out, and the team will be able to use this season as a guage as well as the past two.

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    Re: Talks begin with Burleson??

    i dont care if we sign him now, its the middle of the season. he needs to focus on field and actually be healthy enough to play. at the end of the season, unless we get a trade that favours us hugely, we have to keep him. as someone has already said, he is already polished, he is proven in the league, and there is no way we can get something better in the draft. he is a keeper.
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    Re: Talks begin with Burleson??

    I say we sighn him now.He is a very good reciever and will get better still.Plus,he is the type of player you want.Unselfish and humble. He is also much faster than he times.I think it takes him a few steps to shift so his times are decieving.It,s funny.I was reading at a draft sight back to the year we drafted him.Their comment on us picking him was-Total waste of a pick..
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    Re: Talks begin with Burleson??

    Sign him now or sign him later. Either way Wilf will get it done.

    I don't know all the players that become free agents this year, but there's always the franchise option if he's the top free agent.

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