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    Talks about Daunte trade??

    Before work this morning on the nfl network they mentioned the Vikes putting Daunte on the trading block? I hope they do... I still think he would bring us some good options even with the injury last year. According to most of the people on this site think he is the Cats meow.... I dont see it, I dont think he is right for this team nor do I think he is the quality QB people like to think. I hope I am wrong but I feel we could take all this enthusiasm people have about Daunte use it to get a great trade for him, watch him not cut it as an elite QB and reap the benifits of a great trade. I think

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    Re: Talks about Daunte trade??

    We have a zillion threads about this.

    Please add to another thread.

    No need to always start a new thread for topics already being hashed out.

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