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Thread: Talking offense

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    Talking offense

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    Re: Talking offense

    Keep only five receivers? I doubt that. We will keep at least six, otherwise either Mcmullen or White won't make the team. In this sense I would have preferred keeping Baskett as well. It would be better to have some young talent on the bench than old rotting journeymen.

    I also doubt out ability to take shots. The bottomline is that this offense is going to look very little like the Moss years. Big plays will result more from our run game and playaction than from long bombs.

    My biggest worry about our receivers is YAC. I liked Burly because he showed quickness in the open field after the catch. Willamson hasn't shown that same type of agility, MRob is a jump/deep ball guy at best, and Taylor is a plain slow possesion receiver. Our pass game will thrive if these guys can break tackles for big gains.

    I think expectations for KRob are a bit too high. I think he will be a solid starter, but people here act as if he is a pro bowl caliber receiver. While I do hope I'm wrong, I don't think he is. He is a pro bowl caliber return man.

    Speaking of returns, have the new coaches said anything about this? We haven't had a good one until Koren, and now that he is a starter I doubt he will be given the job.
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