"Prophet" wrote:
"CCthebest" wrote:
LOL how was i owned? Not going to turn this into a Childress bashing thread. I dont think things were addressed that should have been. Heck maybe Wade and Fergie will work out, but I would have moved heaven and earth to get a real WR here. Kinda hard tho when ya cant even have a .500 record.

My point was you can be negative, and a realist, and a fan. Putting on purple blinders doesnt make ya one.
CC, what you have conveniently ignored in numerous other threads during the offseason is this same issue.
You came in complaining and people brought up valid points about the marginal veteran receivers that were available during FA that wanted big coin.
You complained but didn't offer any viable alternatives and then disappeared and resurfaced later in another thread a while later spouting off the same thing.
This last offseason wasn't exactly the best situation for picking up a viable WR that didn't want more than they were worth.
That's one of the reasons some people get distraught when you post your thoughts, you have a reptutatino of complaining, disappearing, and offering no viable alternatives.
There's nothing wrong with critiquing the team, that was never the issue.
First C Mac D with the "Owned thing" and now you making blatant points.
How the heck is the "New Marrdro" gonna exist if you take all my fun away.