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    Re: Take with a Grain of Salt

    "JWalkRulz84" wrote:
    First of all, I just wanted to say hello to all of you. I have been unable to post for a little while because I had to leave my college campus due to a family emergency.

    With that said, If I took over the Vikings management, I would go crazy this offseason and make some amazing moves. Remember this is just what I would do...

    #1 Move - Trade Randy Moss for LaVarr Arrington AND Washington's 1st Round Draft choice.

    REASONING: Moss gives this team an unecessary emotional rollercoaster at times. Sometimes Moss is that unstoppable force to be reckoned with, other times you wonder why he is even playing. Arrington gives this defense a general on the defensive side of the ball. Something this team has really been lacking.

    #2 Move - Trade Michael Bennett to Arizona for a 3rd Round Draft Choice.

    REASONING: The Vikings really need to feature one back. Let a back get in to a rhythm. Whether it is Moore or Smith. Both have potential for stardom in this league with the O-Line and Culpepper leading them. They will only get a 3rd rounder because of the amount of quality running backs in the draft, free agency, and trading block. This drives Bennett's value down.

    Free Agency Moves

    With the money freed up from trades and cap room, these are the moves I would make...

    #1 Signing - Edgerton Hartwell MLB

    REASONING: This would give the Vikes an enormus presence in the middle of the field and give them one of the best linebacking corps in the NFL. They could also move one of their young linebackers to the outside. Probably Henderson.

    #2 Signing - Itulu Mili TE

    REASONING: Mili is a more athletic and a better blocker than Wiggens. He gives the Vikes an upgrade at TE eventhough Wiggens had a huge year, I believe Mili can do better than Wiggens and for cheaper. Plus Mili is more athletic.

    #2 Signing - Andre Dyson CB

    REASONING: This guy will come cheap due to the amount of free agent cornerbacks and he is much better than Brian Williams. Dyson and Winfield will be able to cover any duo in the NFL.


    9 (From Washington) - Thomas Davis S Georgia

    REASONING: This guy is the best safety in the draft and a major upgrade from Brian Russell. Both him and Chavous can play either safety position.

    18 - Antaj Hawthorne DT Wisconsin

    REASONING: Hawthorne will give a huge presence in the middle with Kevin Williams. Giving the Vikings one of the most promising front fours in all of football.

    49 - Chris Henry WR West Virginia

    REASONING: The Vikes will take a chance at another troubled receiver and this guy could very easily be a featured #1 receiver right out of college. Him and Burleson could be a very tough duo to defend against.

    From here, the starting lineups would look something like this...

    QB - Daunte Culpepper
    RB - Onterrio Smith/Mewelde Moore
    FB - Jim Kleinsasser
    WR - Nate Burleson
    WR - Chris Henry/Marcus Robinson
    TE - Itulu Mili
    LT - Bryant Mckinnie
    LG - Chris Liwienski
    C - Matt Birk
    RG - David Dixon
    RT - Rosenthal

    DE - Kenechi Udeze
    DE - Kenny Mixon/Lance Johnstone
    DT - Kevin Williams
    DT - Antaj Hawthorne
    WLB - LaVarr Arrington
    MLB - Edgerton Hartwell
    SLB - EJ Henderson/Donatarrius Thomas
    CB - Antoine Winfield
    CB - Andre Dyson/Brian Williams
    SS - Corey Chavous
    FS - Thomas Davis

    This would give the Vikes a very championship caliber team.
    Thats coming from a packer fan? WOW!! I agree with Jwalk 110%. I've never agreed with a packer fan before. THis is a first :shock:

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    Take with a Grain of Salt

    "whackthepack" wrote:
    We are over looking the fact that we need a denfense end and need to get rid of Kenny Mixon.

    He had a couple of good games but most of the season was a complete nonfactor. He couldn't rush
    against my dead grandmother!
    Very true. I would like to pick up a DE in the draft. Any good ones in FA?(Besides Abraham)

    I say that Vikes pick Erasmus James in the 1st round.(even though I might not agree with it)


    Kenechi Udeze
    Kevin Williams
    Spencer Johnson
    Erasmus James


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    Take with a Grain of Salt

    As usual, you under valued Moss.
    He is the engine of the Vikings offense machine.


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    Take with a Grain of Salt

    hey Del Rio thanks for para pharasing me. I always wanted to be famous!

    "24 mil under the cap? there are teams 30 mil over the cap, heck that gives us at least 50 mil to spend"

    CollegeGuyJeff circa 2006

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    Take with a Grain of Salt

    Man Jwalk, you came up with a lot of material for that post.

    I personally don't think Moss is going anywhere. I could be in denial but I have a sneaking suspicion that these media leaks of a possible trade are from Red's camp. They way I see it is Moss is a valuable commodity to the team as a whole, to its overall worth. He wants the new owners to WANT TO step in as fast as possible, to save Moss from the Rumors.

    Yeah, I could be in denial.

    Your steps were well thought out but the truth is that even the experts are going to have a hard time predicting the outcome on this one.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Take with a Grain of Salt

    "enlvikeman" wrote:
    hey Del Rio thanks for para pharasing me. I always wanted to be famous!
    No problem but don't worry it wont be up there forever just until someone else says something even more Sig worthy

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