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    Re: Tailgating location(s)

    Side note here ... I always loved Joe's place, really relaxed and always had a good time there when I lived in MN. My favorite was always Champps though, the food was fantastic and the games were always on ... just my opinion, take it for what it's worth.

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    Re: Tailgating location(s)

    Did I mention, I have a terrible sense of direction??? The easier I can get to and fro the better.

    I planned on about 20-25 for parking, so that's cool. While, I like the idea of tailgating, I didn't plan on being there by 7 am, 9am is a little more realistic for me.

    Hey, bleedpurple send me a PM with a way to get a hold of you (ie cellphone).

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    Re: Tailgating location(s)

    I do agree with Champp's being the better place...I just figured that since they are staying right next door to Sensor's it would be a good fit.

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    Re: Tailgating location(s)

    We're staying at the Clarion, which I think is pretty close to Joe Sensor' that sounds great for Sunday. Does the Mall of America still have a number of bars that you can go from place-to-place, depending on the Clientele...there's 6 of us, so it gives us each some options.

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