OK folks, lock up the women, I'm coming into town for the season opener!

I'll be tailgating at the Rapid Park lot before the game (between 8:30-10:45 ish). I'll be floating one of those mylar helium balloons with a yellow "smiley face" :drunken: above my rental car so anyone that wants to meet me and party can find me. My buddy and I will be grilling shrimp and chicken, and I'm bringing more than we can possibly eat by ourselves, so I hope to meet some of you guys (and gals) there. Unfortunately, I'm not bringing much beer, so either bring your own or get there early before I run out! My buddy is a stocky black guy, I'll be the middle aged white guy with the beard, mustache and glasses (and probably my 84 Moss jersey, unless I buy a new one tomorrow). Come party with us and let's make this an opener to remember!

P.S. If you've read this far, how about replying with something to bump my post toward the top (at least until Sunday morning). Thanks!