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    Re: T. Jackson to have surgery

    Hopefully he heals quickly and doesn't have any long lasting affects.

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    Re: T. Jackson to have surgery

    Go greatest O line in the universe!!!! Protect big daddy braddy!
    The Cheat is grounded!

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    Re: T. Jackson to have surgery

    eh, at least its only a month, hopefully he has a quick recovery, just in case we need him =P

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    Re: T. Jackson to have surgery

    OK, I'm going to post here to clear up some misconceptions and errant beliefs regarding knee surgery.
    I haven't done a search,I'm too lazy/busy/pre-occupied at the moment, so I don't know the mechanism of injury or any pre-existing injury or pathology to the affected knee.
    Therefore, I have to base the type of injury on assumptions.
    The head coach said T-Jack would be out 3 to 4 weeks due to a knee injury (trauma), suffered in practice Thursday.
    The Orthopaedic surgeon for the the Vikings told Brad Childress surgery was necessary and T-Jack would be unable to play for 3 to 4 weeks based on an MRI of his knee.
    There is no ligamentous rupture or tear that will respond in that short of time frame.
    This is most likely an acute (new) tear of the meniscus, usually medial meniscus.
    Or ragged or free floating cartilage from a previous injury that simply needs cleaned up.
    If it is one of these two most probable injuries there will be a very minimal time of no or decreased weight bearing and physical therapy will start almost immediately.
    Potential problem:
    If it is a torn medial meniscus there is always a chance they will find a tear on the medial collateral ligament when they get in there with the arthroscope. The medial collateral ligament is attached to the medial meniscus. If this is the case, the recovery period will likely be doubled or more. The chances of this aren't great, but MRI's aren't perfect.
    An aside for Mr. A: Virtually all knee surgeries performed on football players today are performed arthroscopically.

    And for those of you who want to ask, are you an expert?
    Well, yes I am!
    What takes a quarterback to the next level is not arm strength or mobility or any of that stuff. Its the ability to play on critical downs. Manage third downs, or red zones or four-minute or two-minute situations"

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