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    Re: T-Jack to start against the Dirty Birds

    "C" wrote:
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    [quote author=ejmat link=topic=49640.msg881906#msg881906 date=1229714576]
    [quote author=Mr-holland link=topic=49640.msg881867#msg881867 date=1229712253]
    [quote author=ejmat link=topic=49640.msg881781#msg881781 date=1229702470]
    [quote author=Mr-holland link=topic=49640.msg881779#msg881779 date=1229701470]
    I don't see anything positive in a wildcat with 2 QB's as the Ravens used..
    Yes you have 2 guys that could throw it but it means you have 1 guy doing nothing, and can't block for pooh plus if you choose one QB to play receiver ( TJ ) he's gonne be tackled anyway and you don't want to risk the injury. I love the possibility to have TJ, AD and CT back there you have like 1000 diffrent plays you could use.
    I never mentioned using Gus with a wildcat formation.
    We know he wouldn't run so it would be pointless.
    I never mentioned your entire post, otherwise i would have quoted it.
    Got ya.
    Did someone else post that or you were just making a comment?
    regular talk about different kind of Wildcat formations
    Boo Wildcat.

    With two of the best RBs in the league, there should be plenty of ways to successfully run a Wildcat formation... however, I don't think Childress or Bevell are that intelligent.

    Just keep handing off to Peterson... it can't be that tough of a job for them.

    Why not cut out the middle man and just snap it to peterson? We don't need to run any trick plays. Just snap it to him and give him an extra blocker.

    I am joking.

    You might be joking, but it would give Peterson an extra step on defenses if you eliminate the handoff...

    Or you could run a reverse...

    Or you could run a RB Pass...

    Or a reverse to Jackson who throws it...

    Or you could just sit in your shell and fear anything that isn't run of the mill...

    Did you miss the whole spiel about Peterson needing to be more patient before hitting holes, about him waiting longer for blocks to develop, and about lining him up 9 yards behind the line of scrimmage to give him time to read his blockers? It has been very effective. Snapping the ball to him in a shotgun formation negates all of that.

    You can run reverses, RB passes, and flea flickers without being in wildcat. In fact, we have.
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    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: T-Jack to start against the Dirty Birds

    [size=13pt]Gus Frerotte disappointed that he won't start for Vikings [/size]

    12/19/2008 8:50:01 PM

    McClatchy News Service

    MINNEAPOLIS -- Veteran quarterback Gus Frerotte signed a two-year contract with the Vikings last spring with the expectation that he would be the backup to Tarvaris Jackson. As part of his agreement, Frerotte would be allowed to travel home to St. Louis after games to spend time with his wife and kids before returning on Tuesday nights....

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    Re: T-Jack to start against the Dirty Birds

    He thanks everything of his own bad play. Nobody, NOBODY would start Frerotte ahead of TJ now.

    As for him being less of a family man, It's what you choose. You want to play in the NFL? you have to make sacrifices.
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