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    Re: T-Jack good or bad?

    "StillPurple" wrote:
    Tarvaris is the next Akili Smith !

    You heard it here first !!

    Your right, because TJ was the 3rd overall pick in the draft right.

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    Re: T-Jack good or bad?

    "The" wrote:
    "PurpleHornsOfDestruction" wrote:

    Yeah and a guy who is athletic who isnt good at anticipaing receivers and isn't great at reading defenses. God that sounds familiar. Where have I seen that before in a Minnesota quarterback... *cough* Culpepper *cough*
    ;D (Im going to get some attacks for that one). haha The only problem is you dont have Randy Moss and Chris Carter to make him look good. You have a number 3 from the mediocre receiver corp of Tennessee, The prince of drops Williamson (king is T.O.), and a rookie from the same school and Williamson. So he cant get by with throwing meteors down feild knowing one of our guys is going to catch it.
    I like that train of thought; it can settle this whole argument about Tarvaris right now. If Rice stinks because he went to the same school as Williamson, then obviously we should start Bollinger because he went to the same school as Hall of Famer Mike Webster, yeah?
    haha. Yeah I have few doubts now that Rice will be great even though i doubted his greatness because he went to the same school as Willaimson. And that was a bit much how about a rookie wide receiver. Thats probably good enough huh. I only know one wide receiver in the the NFL to my knowledge that was great his first year. And that's Randy Moss. So what are the chances of Rice being amazing is my meaning
    behind that. Rice will not stink because of that in my opinion. Sorry I put that down but is it not true. Did he not go to Williamson's school? Well any how Im sorry I meant no disrespect for Rice and please don't pick one statement of many to get mad about. Its quite annoying.

    T-Jack will be T-Jack, Tommy Kramer, Warren Moon, Donovan McNabb
    gee I hope not I don't like any of those except for Kramer. And a lot of Tarvaris Jacksons abilitys and style resembles that of McNabb and I think Childress thought so too. He's the key in our Minnesota Eagles offense dont you see.
    "Some Coaches pray for wisdom. I pray for 300 lbs. lineman. They give me plenty of wisdom"
    -Chuck Noll

    R.I.P. Sean Taylor

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    Re: T-Jack good or bad?

    When we drafted T-Jack, I remember sitting in my dorm and going "WTF? Who is this guy?"

    After seeing his arm strength (something you can't coach) and seeing how accurate he was in college, I decided to give him a fair chance.

    I am glad I did. He looks fine so far. We can't expect the world from him, but he has so much potential. I think he's going to be just fine or at least average at worst.

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