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Thread: Super Bowl

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    Super Bowl

    As far as the Super Bowl MN 45 NE 30
    Green Bay police station toilet stolen.

    Cops say they have nothing to go on.

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    Super Bowl

    "greg" wrote:
    hey, i lost my virginity after junior prom
    Good for you :!: :cheers: Was it with a girl :?: :P :lol:

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    Super Bowl

    ummm... I think that was a little more information then we needed... next thing we know someone else is gonna tell about there experience... how about you keep that kinda info to yourself Greg... lol

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    Super Bowl

    "Mossville" wrote:
    "VikemanX84" wrote:
    Well, I honestly think our Superbowl Chances rest on 3 guys.

    No, not Randy, Daunte and Winfield

    But Cottrell, Linehan, and Tice. Daunte, Randy and Winfield have all shown that they are excellent, if not spectacular players at their positions and they all have shown they can be the difference makers in games.

    We are solid at worst, at every position. It is now up to them to use the players we have and to bring this team together and get us a championship.
    Actually it rests on the WHOLE TEAM, not just the coaches. They cannot go out and make the plays on O and D, but they do have to put the players in the position to make the plays with good play calling.

    lol, I don't think you get what I was saying there bud.... lol
    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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    Super Bowl

    If I had a choice of the ultimate Superbowl to watch it would be between The Vikes (of course) and the Raiders. I think it would be nice to watch an almost replay of the 1976 Superbowl, but this time we stomp them!

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    Super Bowl

    I would expect to see carolina and new england up there at the end of the year. Not saying they will win, but they are both good clubs. I would like to think that minnesota will be there in the end but i'm not going to get my hopes up just yet. I'm waiting to see what happens between now and august. The NFC North is going to be tough this year...everyone had a pretty good draft outside of the packers. Honestly, how do you take a punter. Thats just damn ridiculous. Its not like you cant pick someone up in free agency. What a waste of a pick. Anyways, i expect the vikes to be up there towards the end.
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