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Thread: Sunday's Game

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    Sunday's Game

    Hey all looking for a little advice. I am flying out to Minn. Saturday with some friends for the Vikings vs. Bears on Sunday. It has been a long time (8 years) since I have been to Minn. Is there anything you can tell me that I must do or see while I am out there. We are staying right downtown , through Monday. Any help would really be helpfull. thank you in advance. GO VIKES GO!!!!!!!!!
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    Sunday's Game

    My fiance and I are planning on visiting Minnesota in December to watch the Vikes play the Seahawks. We are staying at the Holiday Inn near the Metrodome. We are going to just take the Light Rail from the airport to the hotel and just walk to the game the next day. The light rail will also take you to the Mall of America near the airport, only problem is I don't know if they have finished the Light Rail competely yet.

    Should be plenty to do downtown, let me know what you guys come across and how you get to the game. Enjoy the game!!
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    Sunday's Game

    The light rail is not fully completed and does not yet go to the mall.
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