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    Re: Stuck with Koren

    In some way I feel a little bad for him because I know what its like, $55 is a ton of money at that age. But then again its just how things work and you have to deal with it. Like other have said its not like the store should take back used clothing just because of a roster change. Me and my brother both collect jerseys from all teams in the NFL and id say 60% of the players arent on that same team we bought them on. Thats why my favorite jerseys to buy are either custom, or college and NFL throwbacks because you know what you are getting! (Wearing my Oklahoma ST. Barry Sanders throwback now :P)

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    Re: Stuck with Koren

    all i am gonna say is thats what you get when you buy a players jersey, now days you never know how long they are gonna be with that team, i have seveal viking jerseys and the players are not playing anymore or are with other teams, if you dont want it...try ebay and take your loses...

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    Re: Stuck with Koren

    "singersp" wrote:
    "so-cal" wrote:
    Look, I can understand that the kid worked hard for his jersey but sh*t happens.
    The store has a policy about returns or exchanges and it doesn't include roster changes.
    Maybe I was wrong to attack this kid, my disgust should be directed at the parents for taking this to the press.
    Great lesson to teach their son, "If you don't like something, cry about it until you get your way."

    I stand by my statement.
    Life sucks, deal with it.
    Maybe someone will buy him a "SH!T HAPPENS"! T-Shirt.
    Maybe that's what he'll put on the back of the jersey.

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    Re: Stuck with Koren

    I laughed.

    No way should he get a new Jersey.

    He should paint on it..........."I survived K-ROB, and all I got was this LOUSY JERSEY and a buzz"

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    Re: Stuck with Koren

    ...and the sale tag removed...
    I wonder if this is why some of the Vikings players are not removing the sales tag from their Vikings basball caps?

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