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    Strippers and boating! wow, how come I wasn't invited?

    Got to admit it sounds like fun but of course not for our pro athletes that have a so called "looked up to" or "model citizen's" professional personality.

    Hey these guys are (hopefully single?) football players. Yup they got caught, then it gets (more) out of proportion because of all the past purple crap. The Vikes are not the first to invent this type of boat party. OK, so you can probably tell my 29ft boat has been adorned by some entertainment before (lol) but I don't have the public eye watching either?

    Bottom (no pun intended) line here is, Boyz (with toyz?) will play but you have to be smart enough not to get caught! (ever!)
    Home Sweet Dome...

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    Re: Strippers and boating! wow, how come I wasn't invited?

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