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    Strengths and weaknesses.... Vikings vs Chiefs


    The Chiefs have Priest Holmes... what more is there to say? They have a great Oline, and a decent QB. They do have really bad WRs though. Even with Priest, I have to give the nod to the Vikings.

    While Bennett isn't as good as Holmes he is definetly a really good back and can help us at least keep pace wikth their running game, or keep us not too far behind. Their Oline is better than ours, but we still have a really good line. We can run with them. Trent Green can be a very good passer, but as far as QBs go, Daunte is better than Green. Our WRs are undoubtedly better, Burleson, Bates and Campbell are about on par with the KC WRs, and then we add in the best in the business - Randy Moss. So Our Passing game is definetly better, Their Running game is better, not by too much though. Then you add in the fact they are, at best, 2-deminsional, and the Vikings are 3. If Linehan calls the plays right, we'll win the shoot-out.


    Both teams have a rags to riches story on defense this year. The Chiefs have allowed only 20 sacks this season, 3rd lowest total. The Vikings have allowed 40, thats just 1 behind Buffalo - who lead the league.

    The Chiefs offense doesn't make too many mistakes, so when they do, the vikings need to capitalize. We have been very good at capitalizing on mistakes this year. I'd have to say they are slightly better than us on defense.

    So, I think this puts the 2 teams in a dead-lock. It could very well come down to how well we can stop Dante Hall, but more than that - Whoever wins the Turnover battle will win the game.

    The only real different between the Chiefs and the Vikes this season, is that they have been consistant ALL YEAR. So that means we can pretty much expect them to bring their A game. If we bring ours, we'll win.
    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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    Strengths and weaknesses.... Vikings vs Chiefs

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    Strengths and weaknesses.... Vikings vs Chiefs

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    Strengths and weaknesses.... Vikings vs Chiefs

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