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    Still bleeding purple

    I'm not at all worried about this lost. The Vikes played terrible as a team and deserved to lose. Our secondary covered like it did all of 2002, our d-line had no QB pressure, our play calling was suspect most of the game. But Oh well, (we weren't going to be 16-0) and some teams (giants, bucs) will always have our numbers. I also think this loss relieves alot of pressure and media hype off this team. The one thing I don't understand is why we were trying to get Keenan Howry the ball so much? I'm sorry, but this guy blows. He can't return a kickoff return 10 yards or a 15 yard post pattern without planting his feet right?
    With all that I still think were the best in the NFC. There are alot of people on this site that need to relax.

    "24 mil under the cap? there are teams 30 mil over the cap, heck that gives us at least 50 mil to spend"

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    Still bleeding purple

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