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Thread: Steve Smith

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    Re: Steve Smith

    In a way I feel like if he plays he wont be 100% AND this year we have a DC who knows he has talent on the field. Not the dc who knew he had 11 players on the field last year. Tomlin has the tools to get the job done, and cottrell acted like he didnt have opposable thumbs.
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    Re: Steve Smith

    That was the first I heard of him having two pulled hammies.
    No way he is playing.
    Also, Morgan has been ruled OUT for the game as well.
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    Re: Steve Smith

    Remember injury reports are SUPPOSED to be truthful.
    I just went up to DC to cheer on my Purple Brethern and watched Portis play when he was doubtful.
    He wasn't very effective but he did put a scare in me a couple of times.

    Tomlin will game plan like he is there and put pressure on the PATCHWORK offensive line like Atlanta did.
    Even if he isn't at 100% and plays, the rush will get there to soon.

    Our bigger concern is if our backs can run a bit better than they did against the Redskins D.
    Again, they were better, but need to get better to keep grinding the clock and keep Smith and the Carolina offense off the field.

    OOOHHHHH by the way, WHAT A GAME.
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    Re: Steve Smith

    even if he does play, he wont be 100% and i know fred wants retribution for last year.
    Also, dont expect tomlin to leave smith in single coverage.
    im sure the safety will cheat over and help out.
    Im smelling lots of ints this week.
    Home opener, Vikes keep the momentum going: 27-17
    ...Rodgers had to hold on the ball longer, giving players like Jared "I am completely insane and will literally eat your children" Allen time to sack Rodgers again.And again. And again. Actually I think Rodgers may have nightmares about Jared Allen the rest of the year.

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    Re: Steve Smith

    "marstc09" wrote:
    Has anyone heard if Steve Smith is playing on Sunday?
    I hop not because he smoked the Vikes last year.
    if he is then he will get some special attention. but i don't think he will do alot if he does anyways. like i said last week tho him just playing will get the panthers offense a little but more confidence and we don't want that. and it will get the panthers fans going, which shouldn't be a prob since we r at home but still. when portis came in last week the crowd went wild and we got a bunch of offsides

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    Re: Steve Smith

    Smith's two hamstring injuries are a lot different than Portis' shoulder.
    A speed guy's gotta have wheels, and Smith has two bad ones.
    If he plays he'll be a non-factor.

    I gave up on fantasy football too.
    My wife told me that something just wasn't right when I cheered when Ahman Green scored a TD against the Vikings.
    I could no longer have my loyalties torn.

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    Re: Steve Smith

    POSTED 3:13 p.m. EDT, September 13, 2006


    As Panthers receiver Steve Smith continues to miss more and more time due an injury to one hamstring early in camp and the other one the week before the first game of the regular season, league insiders are beginning to wonder whether there's a connection between Smith's health and his contract.

    Though we've yet to hear from anyone who has any specific information that Smith is embellishing his physical condition as a statement of dissatisfaction with his financial condition, folks are starting to think that maybe, just maybe, this is Smith's way of making it known that he wants more money.

    There were reports during the summer that talks were occurring regarding a contract extension, but no deal was ever finalized.

    Smith signed his current deal in March 2004, after helping the Panthers to Super Bowl XXXVIII -- and after having a breakout game in the narrow loss.
    It was a five-year extension of his rookie deal, which would have expired after the 2004 season.

    Under the contract, Smith received a $7 million signing bonus and a $2 million option bonus.
    It averages $4.4 million over the life of the deal, and $5.08 million over the first three years.
    He'll earn $1.85 million this year via salary, roster bonus, and workout bonus.

    Other receivers have contracts with average values much higher than $4.4 million, including Chad Johnson, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and (most recently) Deion Branch.

    Even David Givens' contract, at $24 million over five years, has a higher average annual value than Smith's deal.

    On one hand, it was prudent for Smith to do his extension in March of 2004, because he suffered a broken leg early in the first game of the 2004 season and did not return.
    It therefore would have been difficult for him to get $9 million in bonus money on the open market in March 2005.

    With that said, his numbers exploded during the 2005 season -- and some league observers believed that he should get consideration for league MVP.

    So this could be another example of a guy who took the money early, with no obligation to pay it back if he played poorly, wanting more money now because he has "overperformed" his contract.

    The Panthers have the upper hand on this one, since Smith is under contract for the next four seasons.
    But if there's a connection between Smith's hamstring and his purse strings, the team needs to decide whether it's willing to adjust his contract to reflect his performance in 2005 -- or whether to risk having a malcontent in their midst for 2006

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    Re: Steve Smith

    Even if smith plays remember that tomlin was the secondary coach for the bucs last year and played them twice.Im sure if smith plays tomlin will have something special for him

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    Re: Steve Smith

    Posted on Sat, Sep. 16, 2006

    Vikings may not have to face Smith[/size]

    All-pro receiver still hampered by hamstring

    Pioneer Press

    Barring a miraculous recovery, the Vikings apparently won't have to contend with Steve Smith in Sunday's regular-season home opener against Carolina.

    The Panthers' all-pro wide receiver missed another day of practice Friday because of a strained right hamstring and is expected to be sidelined for a second straight game, even though he is listed as questionable.

    Smith torched the Vikings and cornerback Fred Smoot for 11 catches for 201 yards and a touchdown last season, so his absence would be a major blow for Carolina, which is coming off a 20-6 opening loss to Atlanta.

    Even so, the Vikings have spent this week practicing as if Smith would play. Rookie wide receiver Martin Nance, a member of the practice squad, wore Smith's No. 89 with the scout team during Friday's practice.

    "We acknowledge that he's an exceptional player," defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin said. "If he plays, he plays. If he doesn't, he doesn't. We're more concerned about what we do... . If we do the very best that we can do, that will be enough."

    Smith celebrated a 13-yard touchdown catch against the Vikings last season with a rowboat end-zone routine that mocked Smoot's involvement in the team's Love Boat scandal, but Smith's smack-talking rival has spent all week downplaying the payback angle.

    "I don't even know if he's playing," Smoot said. "I actually could care less."

    Drew Carter started in Smith's place against Atlanta and caught five passes for 62 yards.

    Add injuries: Smith isn't the only Panthers starter expected to miss Sunday's game.

    Center Justin Hartwig also missed his third straight day of practice because of a groin injury and likely will be replaced by Geoff Hangartner.

    Adam Seward will start at middle linebacker for Dan Morgan, who is out because of a concussion.

    The Vikings are healthy.

    12th man: Coming off a tough road win at Washington, coach Brad Childress said he's counting on the home fans to give his team a lift Sunday at the Metrodome.

    "I know what a tough environment that can be," Childress said. "I expect our fans to be out of their minds just like the crowd we just faced in Washington."

    Decisions, decisions: Childress said he still hadn't decided on a kickoff returner, but wide receiver Troy Williamson is expected to continue in that role.

    Williamson averaged 24.5 yards on four returns against the Redskins with a long of 44.

    Maurice Mann, who was signed last Saturday off Seattle's practice squad, said he has been working exclusively as a wide receiver in practice.

    Childress also has yet to decide between Brooks Bollinger and rookie Tarvaris Jackson as the No. 2 quarterback, but he said Bollinger seemed a little more comfortable in his second week in the offense.

    "It's the second time through the information and second time through our cadence and snap count," Childress said, "little things that you don't even think about. It's just becoming more kind of user-friendly for him."

    Uncluttered mind: Tomlin broke into a wide grin when asked if he deliberately waited until the last minute to tell rookie safety Greg Blue he would be starting Monday night, with Dwight Smith inactive.

    "Absolutely," Tomlin said. "Sometimes you play better when you've got less time to think about it."

    Blue said he got the word in the locker room almost as soon as he sat down.

    "There wasn't any panic because I was comfortable in the game plan," he said. "I knew what I had to do. I had a smile on my face. I was real excited."

    Briefly: Wide receiver Jason Carter was excused from practice because of a family matter.

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    Re: Steve Smith

    I like Steve Smith because he's an underdog.

    He was suppose to only be a kick or punt returner, because most people thought he lacked the size to be a good WR in the NFL. He plays with a chip on his shoulder, and he's out to prove everyone wrong.

    I hope his hamstring starts feeling better ASAP, but I ain't mad that he probably won't be playing against us on Sunday.
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