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way to post inside of quotes Marr.... just kiddin...

Do you think they'll play Jackson more than the other starters to see how he can adjust mid-game?
We might be suprised.
Sometimes the Chiller does things that leaves me scratching my bald head.
I am concerned over the lack of hittinging in camp and think that might be a indicator that he won't risk getting anyone of significance hurt.
Or, perhaps, it's an indicator that there's a new limit on the number of players you can have in training camp and that reducing the amount of hitting and practices in full pads is a smart effort to keep players fresh.
You know, that is the standard cliche' answer we have been getting but if you really look at it we really had only about 8 or so extra players (pulling that number out of my butt cause I don't have a link).

Is it really that significant that you are missing that many so that you would limit hitting?

kaka del rio flag has to be raised here.

My guess is that they know who is gonna start at almost every position.
They also know who is gonna be the primary backup.
They then have to only worry about determining the last 10 guys or so.
Don't need hitting to do that.

End result will be that we don't get dinged in camp or during pre-season games but we will see more fumbles, worse tackling etc because of it, in the first 3 or 4 games.
I dig how you have some special insight into what is BS and what isn't.


Yeah - they're all spouting cliches.
All of em. I trust my insight my friend.

Yeah - why listen to the actual people involved when you can make up your own stuff.