"whackthepack" wrote:
"digital420" wrote:
I think it wasn't all bj's fault,
but i see the corrections that are going on around him and have to hope that his performance will improve as well.

Twill made a catch to every ball thrown his way, the Oline was blocking, and creating lanes, Pinner came in for relief off the inactive list and ran with a vengeance against his old team.

The play calling is getting braver, we've gone for more 4th latley, and we're getting um. If all these things are getting better, will we see improvement in bj's efforts?

this game with the jets will decide a lot of things.

if we win and bj does well, do the benchBrad crowd go to support him for the rest of the year?

if we loose, does Bchill start Tjack?

my hopes are that we make the playoffs, i'm enjoying watching games again. if we do get in, and say bj is having an off day, who would u rather see go in for the second half?



I think he would start Bollinger if he could go at all.
I tend to agree.