"poult" wrote:
so who is really eating crow after t jackoffs sorry performance?
im pretty sure johnson would have atleast gotten 4 first downs.
Well the T-Jack Savior fan club dished it up but refuse to fix themselves a plate.

Those of us who were behind T-J, but warned it would be the same type of game heing called & expected him to have a game similar in results as Brad would have had were pretty much spot on.

Now they are using excuses to support their claim that TJ had a good game. Had Brad played that game & had those results, they would have bashed him to know end.

My favorite: He only threw 1 interception. Brad threw & interception in the Lions game, a game we won 30-20 BTW, that went for a TD & they chastised him & dwelled on that to no end.

Yes they scored on it, but we won that game.