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    Re: Star/Tribune again tries to kill stadium deal!

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "LunchBox" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    I am all for the benefits of a new stadium...especially because I do not have to pay the additional taxes! :razz:
    That's my point to. I'd like a new stadium, but i don't wanna pay for it. Also, how is this stadium going to creat any jobs? Won't we just be moving the jobs from the Metrodome area to Blaine?
    Wow, if you cannot figure how this is going to create jobs I suggest you take a course in economics.

    But, I will give you a few here:

    1. Construction jobs (gotta build it, right?)
    2. Entertainment and hotels (area will be developed)
    3. Government (Need more public services to accomodate)
    4. Schools (better area, more growth, more schools)

    These are just a few examples. It is a domino affect here. The basic laws of supply and demand apply to anything and this is an easy one to explain.
    1. Doesn't excite me. True, there will be a short term boost in construction jobs, but the workers salaries are being paid directly by the taxpayers anyway (at least partially, we're the ones paying for construction)

    2. Bars, memorabillia shops, and restaurants would likely pop up next to the stadium, just like the ones that will close around the Metrodome (have we CREATED any jobs here or just moved them from one city to another?) These are the type of businesses where the average employee does not make a large amount of money. The owner tends to be the one to make all the money in this sector, and often, the owner is not local. I don't think you'd see a big increase in hotels. Would you build a hotel counting on Vikings games to bring you business? Maybe you're sold out 8 nights a year, and maybe not, i don't know how big of a boom hotels get from Vikings games, but nobody is staying at your hotel for Vikings games the other 357 nights a year.

    3. Maybe i'm missing something, but i can't think of a specific government job that would be created. Government jobs are paid for with taxes.

    4. Are you picturing the population of the county increasing a lot? Who exactly is going to move there to be closer to the stadium? The waiter at the new restaurant, the bartender at the new bar, the security usher at the Viking game? Not to mention, the whole 'while you're paying for the new stadium, you get to also pay for new schools, which also cost way more money than they should' angle is probably not the best way to go.

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    Re: Star/Tribune again tries to kill stadium deal!

    "ltrey33" wrote:
    What a bunch of BS. All of the people that are against the stadium are incredibly short-sighted. That extra 225 bucks in taxes would come back 10x over in revenue for businesses in the area meaning more jobs, more money and more opportunity which eventually means LOWER taxes. Have some vision people!
    Ya took the wurds out of me mouth....Like its that big of a deal....its gonna pay off in the long run!!

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