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Thread: Stadium Update

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    Stadium Update

    From Minnesota Momentum:

    This is a new year for Minnesota Momentum and the Minnesota Vikings’ stadium development effort.
    After negotiations between Anoka County and the Vikings broke down in mid-November, the team has shifted its focus for a new stadium to the area in Minneapolis near the existing Metrodome known as Downtown East.

    Integrating a stadium into Downtown East presents exciting gameday opportunities for fans and presents the team with the opportunity to be part of the revitalization of an underutilized part of Minneapolis.
    It will provide for the ongoing presence of the Vikings within a new neighborhood and mixed-use development.

    The following are key points that you need to know about the Vikings’ current stadium situation:


    The Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission (MSFC), the City of Minneapolis and the Vikings agreed to collaborate on a study that will analyze the opportunity to redevelop the Downtown East area of Minneapolis, with a new Vikings’ stadium as the anchor.


    Two firms were hired to complete an urban planning exercise for the Downtown East area:
    ROMA Design Group, San Francisco, CA, and Hoisington Koegler, Minneapolis, MN.


    During the 2006 legislative season, stadiums for the Twins and Gophers were approved and a commitment was made to find a solution to the Vikings’ stadium issue.
    Upon completion of the Downtown East urban planning work in late January of 2007, the Vikings will work to advance a discussion of our stadium issue at the State Legislature.

    For more information on the Vikings stadium development project, please visit
    Thank you for your support, and please help us continue to recruit supporters to our cause as we take the plan and move forward in the 2007 Legislative session.
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    Re: Stadium Update

    Thanks for the read, at least there still trying to get a new one.

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