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    Stadium site

    Where do you guys think a new stadium should be built? I know we are no-where near getting a new stadium but I like the proposal in blaine. Wide open area with tons of space for tailgaiting. Another "rumor" would be in the south metro near either lakeville or eden prairie. I'm from Rochester and have season tickets, I would have no problem driving to blaine to watch a game. I hope who ever buys this team puts more cash down for a stadium. Lets face it folks, the metrodome is a terrible place for the Vikings. I don't enjoy taking the bus from the tailgating lot, the bathrooms are too small, and consessions are a joke. Just a idea for everyone to pounder
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    Stadium site

    I like EP area, because it's got plenty of road access, hotels all over and keeps the team nearer the cities than Blaine does.

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    Stadium site

    Football stadiums should always be away from the city and never downtown...there are only 10 home games a year (incl. preseason) and most people wanna drive there anyway (for tailgating, etc.)...not like basketball, hockey or baseball, which have more games and are more suited for downtown stadiums. Houston is a great example: baseball and basketball stadiums close to downtown and football stadium farther perfect. Cities with mass rail transit are even more suited for this type of setup.

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