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    all he does is catches the long ball???????
    ok for one
    450 first downs, 90 td's.......
    do they count the td as a first down also?
    i think everyone needs to look closely at randy numbers and see what exactly they mean to this team. through his career, thats 4 first downs a game.(i calculated 112 games, but he has played a few less, making the stat a litle higher)
    and also for his career he has accounted for one td a game avg.
    throughout his career.

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    Sorry, I do not look at his numbers as much. I look at playoff wins and such.

    Remember what they say. "An Players Numbers Win Superbowls"

    *I am sure somebody will "zing" me on this :lol:

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    Del Rio Guest


    Nope his numbers really don't mean anything to me.

    He is a great athlete the best in the NFl right now at the WR IMO. But when you get targeted to get the ball "Randy Ratio" Style I am not surprised at big numbers.

    Like I said A LOT of his TD's come inside the 20 and I feel that is a result of the OC feeling he had no other option and that limited our team and made it one dimensional. Besides the Daunte scamper that often resulted in TD's Moss was target #1 often times resulting in a FG.

    You cannot discredit what he did while he was here. But he came on to the scene when there were a lot of "IF's" on our football team. The fact that we were just "tossing" it up in the air just goes to show how bad we really were on paper. Moss stepped it up because he had a chip on his shoulder about sliding down the draft. After that 1st season he solidified the fact that he will be #1 on our team for looks, plays, catches, yards.

    If you have a guy who catches 3 balls every game NO DROPs and gets 30-60 yards you are not utilizing him to his fullest. You throw Moss 20 passess a game you shoudln't be surprised he gets 100+ yards.

    I would rather have 22 good athletes on my team that care that still have something to proove then 1 super star.

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    Randy's ageant is trying to do PR work for Moss. He is doing a poor job of it. People won't believe you if they never her what you want them to believe, therefore his ageant is talking a lot to try and convince fans everywhere that Randy is a GOOD GUY and there were no problems in MN other than the problems Moss had with the Vikings Org and other Viking Players. Pointing fingers and hoping people will believe their propaganda is all they are doing.

    It just goes to show how things have fallen between the Vikes and Randy. Also, Randy probably didn't want to leave. He now realizes that he was up for the highest bidder no matter what. Nap and a draft pick. Randy is probably insulted beyond belief to be traded for what he would consider so little.

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    "Calmwind" wrote:
    Yes he was making Pep sound like he sux and he held Randy back. I really dont like that guy!
    That really pissed me off
    Pepper is one of the best EVER.

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    Plaxico would fight Moss....
    Its not braggin if you can do it!!!

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    I saw that too. I was pissed. Who is dante Detripano to say that Daunte Culpepper sucks? I haven't seen detripano on a football field lately. Just because daunte finally realized that his only target isn't moss doesn't mean that you can go disrespecting probably the second best QB in the NFL. I am ready to see Daunte Vs. Dante. That would be funny.

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    Yeah for real about Collins. Moss is going to have the worst season of his career. The Raiders have no running game, and every team will be all over Moss and Porter. Plus, Collins sucks. He'll be overthrowing Moss all year along with all the pressure he will have to avoid since every team will be delivering a pass rush. There is a reason the Raiders were 4-12 last year. Expect the team to be no better than 7-9 next year. And watch Moss and his agent cry like babies, with Moss missing the last 2 games of the year, lol.
    Things you would NEVER hear a Green Bay Packer fan say:
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