Really, really interesting article on drug-testing across sports from the Wall Street Journal.

[size=12pt]A Sports Fan's Guide to Drug Testing[/size]
November 12, 2009
We examined antidoping policies of 22 major sports or governing bodies and gave them a "clarity quotient" based on the presence of a policy, its accessibility to the public, severity of sanctions for offenders and administration of the code itself. A score of 100 is the gold standard, below 50, insufficient.
The NFL is 9th in the list, after amateur boxing, the Olympics, the ITF (pro tennis), the IAAF (pro track and field), NASCAR, the Kentucky Derby, the Tour de France and MLS.

National Football League

Thirty-two teams of 53 active players each playing 16 regular-season games and possibly playoffs. Pre-employment testing; testing of all players at least once per year. Also, each week, including preseason, 10 players per team are randomly selected for testing; same formula for all teams making postseason play; up to six off-season tests per player; targeted testing. First violation, minimum four-game suspension; second violation, minimum eight-game suspension; third violation, minimum 12-month suspension, disqualification from Pro Bowl and other honors that year. Policy states in-season testing "will ordinarily be conducted on two days each week," which seems to leave room for some to try to beat the system.