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    The Mets are close to a deal to acquire Twins second baseman Luis Castillo for two prospects.
    The deal is contingent on the Mets' physicians approving Castillo's medical records.
    The Star Tribune, citing two major league sources, reported that Minnesota will receive Double-A catcher Drew Butera and Single-A outfielder Dustin Martin from New York.
    Castillo can be a free agent after this season. However, the Mets are said to be looking at him as a player they would be interested in beyond this year.

    Multiple sources told that the Wolves are believed to be getting Al Jefferson and Theo Ratliff's expiring contract. A Celtics official also confirmed to the Boston Globe's Jackie MacMullan that a deal was in place.
    It's believed that the latest incarnation of the deal also would have Minnesota acquiring youngsters Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair and Ryan Gomes. The salary-cap math involved would require both teams to account for Garnett's $6.75 million trade kicker.

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    Re: sports

    opps i meqant to post it as garnett and castillo gone.

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    Re: sports

    Oops, wrong forum!

    In what part of the Vikings Fan Forum description does it say anything about baseball or basketball?

    Here, I'll help you:

    Vikings Fan Forum
    General discussion on the Vikes.


    Also, do not post news without a link.
    We do not post entire articles here, we post a quote or 2 and give a link.

    Too many people are getting sloppy and just posting away.
    They click on a topic from the latest talk and hit "New Topic"...even though they may be in the wrong forum.

    Go the the Index and find the forum you want, then start a thread.

    Index --->

    Oh, and we already have a Garnett thread as well.

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