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    Quote Originally Posted by kevoncox View Post
    who is choice 14? Cause that's who we are signing
    No shit right. No, Spielman is going to draft 3 WR's and a MLB and all of them will start next year. So that will be a useless should be 3rd or 4th WR in Simpson starting, a 2nd year Wright, and 3 rookies all vying to be starters. Pretty fucking sad huh?

    An article on the twin cities newspaper said that Jasper Brinkley was looking for a new team and that after Minnesota resigned Henderson that they were prepared to let Brinkley leave. They also said they would be looking to upgrade over Brinkley, perhaps in the draft. So if a rookie is a upgrade over Brinkley, why in the hell was he starting here?

    Like to know how they are going to field a decent team. They don't have 10 first rd picks, so its impossible to get what this team needs. They had a dire need for WR's even before Harvin was traded, so why trade the guy if you know you are not signing any of the good free agents? Try to work the damn issues out then, at least then you have some kind of option. Just keep the same fuckin team then, they did win 10 games last season. I can't recall where a 10 win playoff team did moves to regress instead of improving on a 10 win season. Not if, but when the Vikings suck next season, I hope AD gives a big FU to the team and says trade me to a team that wants to win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tastywaves View Post
    Don't believe for a second that everything you and every other poster has mentioned hasn't been considered and proposed. It takes two parties with sufficient information to make those decisions. Humans are funny creatures, always trying to get what they think they deserve vs just taking whatever is being offered.

    I doubt you will see a single franchise acting in a fashion completely as you propose.
    Meh! Spielman knew months ago he was going to resign Loadholt. Hell, that was one of his top priorities going into the start of last season. Waiting until the 3 day pre-FA was past & FA began not only drove the price of signing him up to the point where he had to cut Winfield to do it, it but kept him from pursing players outside our team that we needed in FA.

    I get what your saying in that some players will test the market before resigning, but I certainly don't believe that was the case with Simpson, Carlson & Henderson. I'll go out on a limb and say they weren't high in demand & more likely drew 0 interest. Those contracts could have easily been handled prior to Tuesday if the plan was to resign them. Loadholt should have been done prior to that also.

    Felton could have went either way, but don't believe they tried to resign him prior to Tuesday either.
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