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    Spielman coy on Harvin's future

    Vikings GM plays it coy on future of Percy Harvin

    Vikings GM plays it coy on future of Percy Harvin -

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    Asked if he wanted Harvin on the roster in 2013, Spielman replied: "We love Percy Harvin as a football player. Everybody sees what he does for our football team."

    Translation: Percy is a great football player AND a pain in the ass.

    Any of us who manage people would rather have high performing people with a passion for their job.

    Percy definitely has that...he is a fierce competitor on the field. I know nothing of his practice, meeting room, film room, locker room behavior...but, let's put this in perspective. Terrell Suggs, while rehabbing from a torn achilles and a torn Biceps (12/2), attended every practice, meeting, and game, when on IR. THAT is a leader, and, a fierce competitor. I understand that Suggs was on the new IR designation where he could play again in season...not my point. He gets Team, and, has assumed his role as a key leader on the Ravens.

    Percy has one piece right...I hope he gets the other piece right while a Viking for a long time.

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    I think the IR tag was used as punishment for the blow up.
    This is about money and rightfully so. Its crazy that the guy earned 2 mil after performance enhancements. He is our 2nd best weapon on offense and the key to making this offense *gulp* explosive.

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    "Percy Harvin is a blue-chip player and he is a game-changer. In fact he was on track to be a potential MVP. We were very fortunate to have two players, and we had one that did win the MVP award (Peterson). So we're very fortunate to have two players of that caliber on our football team."

    So no, Spielman didn't provide much in the realm of insight. That said, his measured tone tells you just how delicate this situation is. Harvin can be a cornerstone player, or premium trade bait, or a potential problem child.

    Spielman is cautious because he has to be.
    Yup. Pretty much right on. And, thankfully, sounds to me like Spielman does realize what kind of unique, MVP value Harvin has.
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