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    Re: Special teams will have their work cut out

    "V4L" wrote:
    "jargomcfargo" wrote:
    Regurgitated post.

    See this is where I respectfully disagree. The gunners were every bit as bad last season, and Farwell made tackles.
    In fact he led the NFL in special teams tackles. Vinnie was out three games with injury and made about half as many special teams tackle as Farwell.

    Shouldn't Vinnie make tackles before the return man gets to the outside?
    If not, how did Heath get his tackles?

    Vinnie is even worse on defense. Bet he's gone next year.

    You got it man

    Most of the time the runner stays inside or runs to or barely outside the hash marks

    Meaning Farwell and Circiu should get most of the tackles.. But since Farwell is gone its up the Curciu to get in there and get them.. But he doesn't

    Which allows the runner extra time and lets him bounce outside.. Which should never happen on a return.. NEVER NEVER NEVER

    I blame the whole special teams.. But Curciu has done nothing.. Nothing at all.. And I was excited to bring him in as a back up LB and ST'er.. But he can't do either effectivly
    Wait a minute.
    You are saying that the guys in the middle (Vinny) aren't getting down there soon enough allowing him to bounce it out around our gunners?
    ??? WOW.

    I must have missed the mark here.
    Seems to me that ST's 101 dictactes that the "Gunners" (Smaller, Faster) get down the field first and push the guy to the middle guys (bigger, slower) to tackle.

    How did I get that wrong.......? (Marrdro is left scratching his slightly balding head). ;D

    Almost everyone in college or pro football uses the spread punt formation employing two wide outs, referred to as gunners or sprinters. The gunners have no punt protection responsibility and this allows them to release immediately down the field for coverage. This leaves the center, two guards, two tackles, two slots and a personal protector to block for the punter.
    Double teaming the gunner
    Because of the vertical set and deep set of the punt protection team, you can see how critical it is for the gunners to get down the field and cover the punt. Many times the punt return team will deploy two defenders to double the gunners. The defense does this because it is hard hold the gunner up in such a large field in a one-on-one situation. If so, they only have six rushers. The tradeoff is now the center and personal protector can release immediately into coverage

    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Special teams will have their work cut out

    I just call it as I see it

    everybody on the St's in under fire

    I see Abdullah playing some gunner and some down low and he always over runs or gets blocked easily

    Curciu same thing

    Erin Henderson wasn't doing much either for containment

    Benny Sapp has been okay

    Our unit as a whole doesn't contain thier spots.. Gunners over run or get blocked to the inside.. And the inside guys get manhandled in there and allow the runner a good lane or room on the outside

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