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    Souhan: These aren't the Vikings the tabloids used to love

    Souhan: These aren't the Vikings the tabloids used to love |

    You fellas aren't from around here, are you?
    What is it about representing the Vikings that you don't understand?

    We, your public, can't take much more of this, and by "This,'' I mean quiet. You haven't even had a player arrested in what seems like weeks.

    The Vikings, gentlemen, are supposed to draft, trade, reacquire or dismiss Moss, not gather it.

    Everywhere you look in the NFL, someone is making Pat Williams-sized headlines...
    LOL!!! Some good laughs with my coffee today!

    Thanks for turning the Ship around Off-The-Field Wilfs!!

    Now, lets get her sailing straight toward some glorious championships On-The-Field!!!!!

    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

    "Balance it on end and thats the third side of the coin!!" -wookiefoot

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    LOL.... What a great article!!!

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    Gotta like it

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    I'm not a fan of Soupcan.. but that article was spot on.. LOL
    Vegans are eating the rainforests. =(

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