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    Some Vikings final stats...

    Some Vikings final stats 2009, compared to the heap


    Total pts/g: 29.4, 2nd
    Scrimmage plays: 1,054, 3rd
    Yds/game: 397.6, 5th
    Yds/play: 5.8, tied for 9th
    Penalties: 101, 9th
    Penalty yards: 757, 20th
    TOP/game: 32:51, 4th
    Turnovers: +6, tied for 8th (Packers lead with +24)damn.
    Rushing yds: 1,918, 13th
    Passing yds: 4,156, 8th
    Sacks given up: 34, tied for 15th
    Passer rating: 107.3, 1st

    Lot of penalties, but the # of yds not so devastating.


    Pts/game allowed: 19.5, 10th lowest
    Scrimmage plays: 940, 1st (lowest #)
    Yds/game allowed: 305.5, 6th
    Penalties: 109, 5th most
    Penalty yds: 902, 7th most
    TOP/game: 27:30 (3rd least)
    Passing yds/game: 218.4, 14th
    INTs: 11, tied for 5th worse
    Sacks: 48, 1st

    If keeping the defense off the field and letting them rest was a goal they were the best in the league at it. Phat Pat still got winded though. Need to pick up the INTs.
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    Re: Some Vikings final stats... has us at 19th against the pass with 218.4 yards.
    Everything else seems to check out.

    I am very worried about our secondary against the pass-happy teams alive in the NFC ... but all in all, the fact that we stay indoors and we could host two games, I am very confident.

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