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    Re: Some Early Honors But Not For Peterson

    "Schutz" wrote:
    "GreenBaySlackers" wrote:
    "DaVizzles" wrote:
    What!?...That is some bullcrap! If Peterson gets jewed of the ROY because of his last 4 games that is a joke.

    I think Thomas deserves it more than Peterson.
    He was consistent throughout the whole season and Left Tackle is not an easy position for a rookie...
    But Peterson will win it because RB is a glam position and the NFL will make more money by promoting him.
    It's a very high class refined term to say getting cheated.
    You see apparently instead of just saying I hope he doesn't get cheated he had to use a term about the history of Jewish people as shrewd business people who would "cheat" you out of your money.
    Very classy.
    Ah, thats what I thought-- er, was afraid of?

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    Re: Some Early Honors But Not For Peterson

    I hope that AD gets it as well, however, to sit there and belittle the accomplishments of the other two is crazy especially Thomas.

    My feelings on Thomas is that he had an outstanding year but will get very little recognition for it because most voters don't understand the position nor do they think the role of a OL is significant enough to warrant any kindof personal recognition.

    1 sack since week one.
    Simple amazing.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Some Early Honors But Not For Peterson

    We had it locked up for him until the injury but he wasn't the same player since and it is going to hurt his chances of getting the award. I hope he gets it but IMO he is no longer a lock.

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