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    Lightbulb Solution To Vikings Safety Positions In 2012

    Who should start at strong and free safety in 2012?

    Personally, I think Husain Abdullah should be an obvious starter. Not because he is amazing, but because he's the only safety on the roster that I'm comfortable with. He's a free agent this year, but it's extremely likely that the Vikings will re-sign him. Not only is he the best safety on the team, but he was undrafted and doesn't have the numbers to claim an expensive contract.

    As for the other position, I'm more than willing to give rookie Harrison Smith the starting gig from day one. First of all, he was drafted in the first round. Second, we don't have any other safeties, besides Abdullah, that is good enough to start.

    The other options I would consider if Harrison does not deliver, are Jamarca Sanford and Mistral Raymond. I like Sanford against the run, and Mistral Raymond seems like a smart player who has potential.

    Assuming Harrison impresses the coaches at camp I say we roll with him at strong safety and Abdullah at free safety.

    Wait, there might be another solution (except from moving Winfield to safety, which would be awesome, but the coaches doesn't seem to agree)
    Vikings may start all-rookie, all-Irish safety tandem

    I know it sounds like a catastrophe to start TWO rookies at safety and I don't think it will happen, especially as Blanton played mostly corner, but maybe in the future. I really like Robert Blanton. He reminds me of his fellow ex-ND team-mate and current Vikings team-mate, Harrison Smith. He's got size, athleticism, speed, and good zone-coverage and tackling abilities. He even played some linebacker, just like Smith did.

    Take a look at our new Notre Dame defensive backs!

    Harrison Smith vs Pitt and Utah - YouTube

    Robert Blanton vs. Michigan State (2011) - YouTube

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    I'm not so sure it's extremely likely that they will resign Abdullah.

    They currently already have 6 safetys on the team (you didn't mention Frampton or Sandejo) & I don't see them making it 7. Blanton was drafted as a CB, but the Vikings list him as a safety.

    One has to wonder if they had intentions of resigning him, why haven't they done it as of yet & why draft 2 additional safetys?

    My guess is they'll keep 4 of those. Blanton, Harrison & Sanford are 3 I believe they'll keep.

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