I want to start this thread by saying I hope it doesn’t get moved because not as many people read the other forums. I’ll add I am a Minnesota fan, obviously not first but I’ve always liked the Vikes. I’ve been lobbing this year to meet you guys in the playoffs (now an even juicier proposition) and here’s my formula to achieve that goal:
Nothing eliminates the fact Minnesota has turned out to be an underachieving team this year. Perhaps expectations and predications were overly optimistic. Personally I think the problems are two fold and very obvious. OL and coaching, the OL was sort of unexpected (Birk) but the coaching has been accepted for years most likely because “The Price is Right�. Minnesota is in a unique position because of how bad the NFC North is and will be this year. After 4 weeks which accounts for 14 games (2 Byes) the division has managed a grand total of just 3 wins and one game was a division match up where one NFC North team had to win. The 3 victories are only half the accumulated total of another weak division the NFC West the next poorest division in football. Here is where you purple backers luck out. It isn’t Minnesota’s fault they are in a (cough) weak division but they can use it to their advantage. It appears the NFC North will redefine underachievement this year. Minnesota can use this to their advantage by concentrating on the division games if they can come out of the division with 5 wins all they need to do is scrounge up 3 or 4 W’s in their remaining 10 games (you already have one of those wins) and you’ll be over 500. Unfortunately the way you’ve been playing a more likely scenario appears to be the division games divided more equally with the advantage going to whoever is at home and the result is this may be a year we have a sub 500 team in the playoffs but it could still be you. The season has a long way to go and injuries will still be the great equalizer hopefully your boys can turn it around.

As for the Eagles you can assign all the cute nicknames you want and criticize T.O. and others but the wins are still wins and I’m lovin it. If we don’t reach the goal this year it won’t be because we aren't good or aren't trying.

I’ll end with a positive prediction…….. The Vikings WON’T lose this week ......SKOL!