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    Re: Solomon Willcotts says, Vikes Done ............

    Another analysist Pete Prisco of CBS Sportsline had this to say about who he thought of 0-2 teams would make the playoffs.

    "... So that brings us to the NFC and the Vikings. Even at 0-2, they play in a bad division where running the table in the division isn't out of the question. If they do that, win two other games somewhere, a .500 record could be good enough to get them into the playoffs. They better start Sunday by beating the Saints."

    Chicago & Green Bay aren't even mentioned. So that's just another slant on it as the media goes. I tend to agree Pete Prisco. It ain't over til it's over Solomon.

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    Re: Solomon Willcotts says, Vikes Done ............

    "conspiracy" wrote:
    2) Solomon played for both the Bengals and Vikings, although I think more for the Bengals. Maybe it's homerism.
    I vote for "homerism". Solomon does alot of Bengal games for CBS, which televises most of our games here in Bengal country. He's definitely a Bengal homer. I think he's way off the mark with his Viking comments, but we still like him though. :wink:
    Bengals, baby!

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