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Thread: The SOD

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    Re: Onterrio Smith! Whats happening


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    Re: The SOD

    "V-Unit" wrote:
    "Prophet" wrote:
    A blurb from KFFL

    Vikings head coach Brad Childress acknowledged Friday, Feb. 24, that the team is thin in terms of numbers, and the Vikings are not assuming that RB Onterrio Smith, who is serving a one-year suspension, will be back with them in 2006.
    That's the right move. It would be dumb to assume a pothead is going to be ready to play football. However, numbers wise we have really only 3 backs not counting Onterrio. Do you think we still might draft an RB first round?

    I think that would be a horrible call. We just have bigger needs right now. LB, S, even OL and QB if you ask me. Besides I am so sick of RB by committee, and drafting Maroney would be a slap in the face to Taylor.

    So where is the 4th RB going to come from? Late round draft pick? After draft FA signing?

    Of course the best option would be to have BOD (Botch Of Draft) turn over a new leaf and help sail the ship.
    I think you draft a back this year if Lendale white falls to us. The only thing I think that would stop that pick is if cutler falls to us. The other great D players will be gobbled up before out pick.

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    Re: The SOD

    Does anyone know what he looks like (shape wise). Being out of football for a year, and having muncies = Fonoti!

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    Re: The SOD

    look at it this way, onterrio is a good back and all and he is supposed to and said he would clean up his act but so did ricky williams and now look at him
    I don t buy Wisconsin cheese.

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    Re: The SOD

    "VikesfaninWis" wrote:
    "cajunvike" wrote:
    SOD??? What's that...Smokehead Of the Draft???
    I was thinking more like " Son of a Drug dealer"
    I thought it meant "Sucking On Doobies" :smile:


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    Re: The SOD

    "collegeguyjeff" wrote:
    look at it this way, onterrio is a good back and all and he is supposed to and said he would clean up his act but so did ricky williams and now look at him
    I won't judge or form any opinions on Onterio based on what Reefer Ricky did. They're two complete different people.

    There were many people on this site who didn't want K-Rob either because he was a drunk. Last year he made the pro-bowl.

    As for O.S. Childress stated he would not make any decision on him until after he had a chance to speak with him, which is in May.

    "Childress cannot speak to suspended running back Onterrio Smith until May and said he would not make a decision on him until they meet."

    Cildress had an audio interview with VU awhile back. This is the gist of that interview from that thread.

    "VikesfaninWis" wrote:
    The interview is 2:00 minutes in lengh..

    The interviewer ask Childress if he has had any talks with OS, or if he has given any consideration if he wants to bring OS back to the Vikings.

    Childress says that they will have a face to face meeting with OS at some point in the near future. They want to evaluate him and see where he stands. Childress also states that new RB Coach Eric Bienemy will have alot of input on the matter.

    Childress states that the ultimate decision will be based on a trust factor. He says that if OS does come back that he will be trusted on to be there for his team, and that his teammates, and coaches are trusting him to be there for the team.

    The Interviewer asks Childress what kind of qualities he is looking for in a RB.

    Childress states that the RB has to be Multi Dimensional. Childress says what if I say Ladanian Tomlinson?

    The Interviewer asks Childress if they can expect the Vikings to try to make a trade for LT.

    Childress laughs, and says no, no. He says that he was just giving an example of what kind of RB we will have here in Minnesota. He says that the RB will have to be able to run between the tackles, as well as catch the ball.

    He said a Brian Westbrook type of RB. He says that you want a RB that is well rounded. He says other teams can gang up on you if they feel you are 1 Dimensional.

    He says that it serves you better to have someone that is multi dimensional so other teams can't prepare for you as well. He then goes on to say that he wants the teams that the Vikings play to be confused, to never know what is coming next. He says if they are successful at that, then great things will happen for the Vikings and our fans..

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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