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    So Wtf you guys think about the slackers

    Our front 7 looked great. We were 10th agianst the run last year and we looked better than last year. One thing I loved was the fact that there was always someone penetrating or getting onto the Seahawks side of the los. Allexandar didn't do a whole lot. Our guys were doing excellent there.

    As far as the d-backs are concerned-Hawthorne just can cover a number one guy or a number 2 guy on a regular basis. I want Mark Roman to start over Marques Anderson which will probably happen.

    Our run defense was awesome, but the corners couldn't cover. Harris isn't bad, but when Marques Anderson is back there theres very little hope. We did awful against the pass, but great against the run. I'm excited for the fact that we did well against the run. I am not about to crap my pants over the d-backs, but it is a concern of mine.

    Caronlina looked great last night. They have a great defensive line-best in NFL. Fields and Morgan are two very good players-Morgan had 25 tackles in the Super Bowl! I almost feel bad for him considering the effort he put into the game. Week one if all is right and all are healthy-Best O-line vs. Best D-line. Defense wins championships and offense wins games so I hope for week one our offense is on the better end of the stick. Its a toss up game-not an "eat them alive" game.

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    So Wtf you guys think about the slackers

    ...Al Harris is alright?

    BRIAN RUSSELL tackles better than Al Harris
    "He s done it! Portugal is through!"

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    So Wtf you guys think about the slackers

    as long as they lost im happy

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