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    Re: So who is your "guy" this year

    "VikingsTw" wrote:
    I like Jaymar Johnson to make the squad, I think he's a very good specailist with the capability to play WR and make an impact right away. I also like Reynaud but I see him more as a complete slot WR much like Wes Welker. I'm hoping we find away to keep both guys on our team. Another WR too look for during preseason and training camp would be Martin Nance. Big Ben's #1 target in college who basically blew it up statistically, he's 6foot5 with decent speed and elusiveness. I didn't do much research on him till recently but he did catch my eye in his short time with us last offseason. He's got a chance to make an impact, he's got alot of talent and really produced in college when he was healthy, with or without Big Ben.

    I think Erin has a good chance but he has to stay healthy in order to do it. The competion at LB is great.
    Gotta go with Jaymar Johnson as well

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    Re: So who is your "guy" this year

    I'm saying Jared Allen is a good pick to watch out for......I believe Chad Greenway will be a fun one to watch as well.
    But I willl go out on a limb an say that My guy to watch this year is gonna be Tepeh. I wanna see what he can do as a reciever and as a lead Blocker for AP and Chester.

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    Re: So who is your "guy" this year

    Hershel Walker

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    Re: So who is your "guy" this year

    "midgensa" wrote:
    My guy is Gordon. If he can really work his way into the rotation at CB it means he earned it through a lot of grit and determination. I would love to see him find a way to contribute this season because he seems to be a hard worker.
    he impressed me last year and im a pretty big fan of him, i was always mentioning him when people said we should draft a CB, i think he could step it up to the starting level if Griffen/MM dont play to expectations

    Pissing on the Pack since 08'

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    Re: So who is your "guy" this year

    It would be sweet to see Jaymar turn into one of those stud WRs that you never heard of from the draft light it up. Probably won't happen.

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    Re: So who is your "guy" this year

    I'll go with Sullivan.

    I predict he will be one of our linemen for the next 8-10 years.

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    Re: So who is your "guy" this year

    I want to see what this Garrett Mills guy has got. So far there has been a lot of talk but no play from him. He'll make the teams, but lets see if he actually deserves a roster spot. I would be encouraged if we see a lot of good press about him.

    The same goes for Rufus Alexander. I'm pretty sure he is a legit LB but I want to see/him a lot more of him.

    Past offseasons have taught me to be wary of press concerning rookies. 90% of it is positive but only 30% of them actually make the team. I try to judge on the preseason games. The outcomes mean squat but you can determine individual play pretty well if you remain objective.
    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
    - Prophet

    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: So who is your "guy" this year

    I'm excited to see how Brian Robison progresses, learning behind Jared Allen. I think Robison could be the DE answer for the long run... even though we're pretty good as it stands right now.

    I'm also interested to see if Sullivan may start a couple games this season depending on Birk.

    But I'm probably most looking forward to Sidney Rice. This depends a lot on the play of T-Jack, but I think he'll impress people around the league. Rice has a chance to beat out Wade for the #2 spot (something I'm almost positive he'll do) and really show what he can do in the league... I think he'll be a great offensive weapon.
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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    Re: So who is your "guy" this year

    I want to see Darius in the 5th WR spot. I think he gives us the most options from that position. He can out jump the 2 guys ahead of him and he is a better returner than both. Seems like he should be a lock to win it.

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    Re: So who is your "guy" this year

    My guy stays just the same as last year :Sidney Rice.
    El underdog.

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