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    So what do you think of D this year?

    I think we need to give him a little more time than 3 games before we run him out of town. He took over a team that was 26th overall last season.

    Like cajunvike said, Cottrell is not a miracle worker. The D will improve as the season goes on.

    Just look at last season, our D was creating a lot of turnovers, and then the wheels fell off. I hope it will be the other way around this time. We will see.
    You have a good point, but I'm anxious to see Chavous start hitting like Griffith did. Also I'm tired of always hearing about the Vikes offense (not that this is a bad thing) but wouldn't it be great to hear how the defense is going to do SOMETHING!! There was a time when the Vikes D was actually feared. Okay, I'm dreaming, and I'm also impatient. Cheers!!

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    So what do you think of D this year?

    Sh*t, I wanna see all of the Viking defensive players hitting like Griffith did. Was it Brian Williams that was setting that type of tone in the first two games. I seem to remember him popping a few receivers and letting them know what the price for running routes in his territory was. We need that type of attitude to get contagious, so that other teams do fear the Vikings D.

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    So what do you think of D this year?

    I agree. Today I saw the ends doing nothing. Hovan couldn't get places in time. He was doubled teamed quite often for all of those who don't believe he is, and don't watch the line. I saw Udeze getting held alot..hell there is holding on every play, but rarely a call for us. Williams played the best of all of line, but he can't do it himself. The linebackers are horrid. Or at least today and last week they were in my eyes. Just like the Eagle game...our LB's can't smell out a screen or are 5 yards behind the RB, TE or slot reciever. A win is a win..but im dissapointed so far.

    Time will tell.
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    So what do you think of D this year?

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    Cottrell is not a miracle worker. We are going to have to give him a little more time to get this defense to gel. But I do agree that the soft coverage at the end sucks...we need to be way more aggresive.
    That's it right there. You can't expect the guy to work miracles right off the bat. I said it after week 1, the D was hyped coming into the season opener because of what we did in the draft and free agency. Now we're learning that there are things to work on with this unit and a lot of people are getting impatient. I agree the numbers aren't pretty and the pass defense is horrible, but I'm sure Cottrell is well aware of the faults of the defense and I have no doubt he will be working on it. These guys are talented but they are young. A good example is how the LBs have struggled in pass coverage, leaving RBs and TEs wide open when they run out, that happened with Philly and Dallas and I bet it happened with Chicago to.

    Some people may not want to give Cottrell time with this group but like it or not it will take a little time. I still expect to see this defense become a very good one as the season goes on.
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