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Dallas has a good defense that will probably keep them in the game. The Tuna has been scheming Moss for weeks... I really respect him as a coach, as much as Belichick defensively. I still think the Vikes will win, but it may be closer than some think.
Ahh..a voice of reason and diplomacy....I was starting to worry..

Its not like the Vikes had underachieved in big games since Jan of '99 or anything

Seek & Destroy (which we will do against your team), I am getting tired of your whinning, nobody respects us and you don't give us any credit. YES WE DO, every time we answer your questions you whine about us not giving the Girls credit.

I EXPECT THE VIKES TO WIN, does that mean they can't lose? NO
but you have this little whinny sneaky way about us wanting to praise your team nothing we have can beat anything you have (except moss), well I would like to tell ya we have a lot of good players and if you think stoping moss stops us you are wrong!

Why don't you come back on Sunday after the game, and see what is what, (if we win I do not think you will)!

And if you want to complain about us not giving your team credit, I do not go to opposing team sites expecting them to praise the Vikes!!!!!!!!!!!
Why wouldnt I be back? Regargless, its 1 game...1 regular season game.. 1/16 of the season so seeing the big picture is paramount

Even including certain games last year, along with a wretched '00 to '02 seasons there he been a LOT of concession speeches a humble Cowboys fan have had to give..and Im no exception

Even through those times the will to win has never ceased..conceding nothing BEFORE a game

The season isnt over even if we lose...But this game is a barometer of how far we have come and how far we have to go

And again, where am I complaining we arent getting any credit or respect?

Cynnical? sure..complaining? surely not

I've mentioned that I relish the role of the underdog

We are 6.6 Mil under the cap, have a nice nucleus of young and vet Talent, have a QB of the future, RB of the future, a 3rd year WR ready to break out, 2 Studs i9n the secondary with 2 1st round picks next year and so far, 8 draft choices

But most importantly, we have a HOF head coach along an owner who stops at nothing to acquire talent..and a new, state of the art stadium on the horizon

Do I think we can win this game? Sure

Do I think we will? Its a tall order

We will have control the ball for 35 minutes or more with our running game, covert 45 or more percent 3rd down opportunities win the turnover battle, win the field position game forcing long drives

But, again..Its winnable but only 1/16 of the season

If we do win..Sure Id be thrilled.. but a victory is only as good as our next game..and if we won and managed to lay an egg against Cleveland @ home next week, all is for naught

Just like you guys winning Sunday and then losing @ Philly