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    Smoot's New Number

    I could care less what number he is as long as he is wear the purple and gold. And has the horns on the helmet.

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    Smoot's New Number

    Dammmmnnnn straight, the number won't matter, only the HORNS!!!

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    Smoot's New Number

    how bout 21 , smoot over chavous!!!!!!!!!

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    Smoot's New Number

    I want 24 I LOVE SMOOT

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    Smoot's New Number

    25 sounds like a good number for smoot. Maybe it can stand for the number of turnovers that the Vikings entire Defense will cause next year
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    Smoot's New Number

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "hawaiianvike21" wrote:
    I dont think anyone will really wear #1. I mean we always use the same #1 jersey at the draft. Just look at some of our draft picks over the years, like culpepper. When we first drafted him, he had a #1 jersey in his hand and later switched to #11. The #1 is only for the draft i believe.
    Players with #1 as their jersey number:
    Matt McBrair, Punter, Cowboys
    Matt Turk, Punter, Dolphins
    Jason Elam, Kicker, Broncos
    Lawrence Tynes, Kicker, Kansas City
    Neil Rackers, Kicker, Arizona

    A lot of low numbered WR's. The lowest:
    Edell Shepard, WR, Bucs #3

    There were not any Defensive players with single digits for jersey #'s
    I see what you mean but i mean the vikes and no other teams. We usually dont let anyone take #1 since we usually use it for the draft. HOwever i think gary anderson either had 1 or 2 when was here. But for now, i think #1 is for the draft.
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    Smoot's New Number

    its not reserved for the draft or anything, its just to symbolize that they are the first round draft pick.

    all teams have the player put on a hat and pose with w/ #1 jersey.
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